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10 Best Swimwear That Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to finding the right swimwear, you’ll always be instructed to take your time and follow the correct procedure. Thankfully, finding the right swimsuit isn’t as complicated as some make it seem. Despite involving going over a few criteria such as comfort, color, quality, and affordability, you’ll always have an easy go as long as your head is in the right place. Below are ten swimwear brands that can boost your confidence whenever you step out for a swim wearing any of them:

Figleaves Sorrento Spot Bunny Tie Polka Dot Shaping Swimsuit

What makes the Figleaves Sorrento Spot Bunny Tie Polka Dot Shaping Swimsuit perfect for apple-bodied women is the swimsuit’s effortless ability to support and cover. The swimwear is ideal for covering the tummy area, making it look slimmer than it is. The Figleaves Sorrento Spot Bunny Tie Polka Dot Shaping Swimsuit, just like most SHAG swimwear designs, is not only affordable but is also built to last.

The Freya Wild Flower Flame Swimsuit

The Freya Wild Flower Flame Swimsuit is a unique John Lewis creation intended for beautiful women with apple-shaped body types. The women who do this fabulously designed swimsuit will have their bellies covered, pulling most of the attention to their most attractive features such as the chest areas which are allowed to be more pronounced.

The White Stuff Poppy Reversible Swimsuit

The white stuff poppy reversible swimsuit has a magical way of making women feel much younger and beautiful. For starters, the swimsuit holds the wearer’s midsection together, making it appear a few inches smaller. The swimsuit also allows for both the neck and shoulder area to be more exposed, taking all the attention from the belly area.

The Shape Enhancing Frill Swimsuit

True to its name, the Shape Enhancing Frill Swimsuit is designed to enhance the beautiful feminine shape. First, it does a good job holding the belly and waist area intact while allowing the thigh area to be more exposed and free.

Figleaves Rene Plunge Low Back Frill Swimsuit

The Figleaves Rene Plunge Low Back Frill Swimsuit is specially designed for women with straight body frames. In addition to its remarkably beautiful outlook, the swimsuit is also famous for being extra comfortable and affordable. The swimwear is also effective at taking the attention off the wearer’s body type thanks to the extra material strategically floating on the shoulders.

Bonmarche Off Shoulder Swimsuit

Women rocking this swimwear will look not only beautiful but also feel confident in their straight body frames whenever they rock the Bonmarche off shoulder swimwear. The extra off-shoulder material does a remarkable of covering her chest area without taking away her most valuable asset in her confidence arsenal – her femininity.

Laura Ashley Navy Polka Dot Ruched Swimsuit

Every woman looks good in polka dots. That said, the Laura Ashley Navy Polka Dot Ruche Swimsuit can look good on just about any woman especially if she has a pear-shaped body frame. The swimsuit is designed to elongate her legs while sliming her waist, resulting in the hourglass shape most women love.

Yours Teal Ruched Mesh Swimsuit

Yours Teal Ruched Mesh Swimsuit is explicitly designed for shorter women with pear-shaped bodies. The swimsuit’s block color will effectively have a slimming effect on her body, making the pear shape less prominent.

Accessorize Tie Front Lemon Spot Swimsuit

The Accessorize Tie Front Lemon Spot Swimsuit was explicitly designed for beautiful women with hourglass figures. Since the hourglass body shape is already eye-catching, the only thing this remarkably cute swimsuit does is accentuate the latter by hugging the figure with vibrant colors. The neckline also comes with a low plunge that offers excellent support on the chest area.

Seaspray Sophia Sweetheart Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit

Another swimsuit dedicated to women with hourglass body types is the Seaspray Sophia Sweetheart Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit. This swimsuit’s beauty relies heavily on its simplicity, which does very little to alter the already breathtaking appearance of its wearer’s body type.


In as much as finding the right swimwear is an easy task, some women still struggle with the process. If that’s you, then never hesitate to ask for assistance whenever possible. So once you’re too sure about the purchase you are about to make, go ahead and ask for a second opinion from an expert. And once you’ve found the right swimsuit and are out for a swim, try as much as you can to get your mind off your insecurities and have as much fun as you can!

Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

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