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10 Effective Ways To Calm An Anxious Dog

Photo by Helena Lopes

So you’re a devoted dog owner, and you’ve noticed your furry buddy feeling on edge. Well, you’re not alone. Dogs, just like humans, can get jittery sometimes. You might see them barking up a storm, quivering, pacing, or even getting slightly destructive. But worry not because this article has reveals many effective strategies to help you calm an anxious dog and create a chilled-out zone for both of you. Here are ten ways to help your anxious pooch chill. 

  1. Banish stressful triggers

Firstly, identify those triggers that ruffle your pup’s fur. Be it booming fireworks, unfamiliar spots, or the separation blues, recognizing these stressors is step one. While ditching them entirely isn’t always doable, you can dip your pup’s paw into these situations in a controlled way. Here are some real-life examples: your dog gets fidgety around other four-legged pals. No biggie! You can play the separation game and let them have their own space. And if your dog goes all jumpy around strangers, it’s time for a solid action plan. When those unfamiliar faces come knocking, be ready. Keep a toy handy; it’s like their personal “keep calm” tool. It’s all about understanding your pup’s quirks and having their back, no matter the situation. 

  1. Craft a comfort corner

Have you ever caught your dog chilling in the closet or relaxing in the bathtub? Just like you’ve got your cosy corner, your dog craves a snug retreat. Imagine a space where your canine can retreat when the world seems a bit too overwhelming. It could be a crate, a bed nook, or even a comfy blanket. Please place it in a serene spot, far from the chaos. They’ve got their secret spots for when the nerves kick in. Encourage them to hang there even when they’re not nervous – that becomes their chill oasis. 

  1. Shower them with cuddles

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? Your pup is no exception. Gentle strokes and soft massages work wonders in calming those frazzled nerves. And those bonding sessions when you’re grooming them are more than just fur care – it’s a one-way ticket to tranquillity. When giving your pup a rubdown, some of their favourite spots include the shoulder, chest, and tail base. But not every spot is a winner. For instance, your furry friend may not be too enthusiastic about areas such as the muzzle, top of their head, and belly.

  1. Play the tired card

Ever heard the phrase “a tired dog is a happy dog”? It’s true! Regular workouts aren’t just for those four-legged muscles; they do wonders for an anxious mind. It’s a breeze to get the ball rolling. Just mix in some fun stuff. Take your dog for a long stroll, brisk run, or a splash in the water. Remember to add some quality frisbee time. It’s a golden trick – 30 minutes daily will do it. When you notice those anxiety flags flying, that’s your cue to step in. Reinforce the good vibes by playing the tired card when those jitters pop. Ignore the stress, and don’t urge them to keep up the anxiety show. It’s all about the power of play!

  1. Introduce nature’s little helpers

Nature knows best, right? Natural calming supplements like chamomile, valerian root, or CBD oil have a calming rep. These natural aids can be part of a holistic approach to dealing with your pup’s anxiety. Also, the deal with treatment and how often you use it depends on what kind of anxiety your pup is dealing with. So before you throw them a supplement party, a quick chat with your vet is wise. If the anxiety is playing a long game, daily meds or natural supplements could be the tag team they need. You may also check online retailers like Real Cannabis Club for organic supplements for your pet’s anxiety needs. 

  1. Tease the brain with fun

Imagine if you had to stare at the wall all day – boring, right? Dogs aren’t any different. Shake things up with brain-boggling puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and sneaky hide-and-seek games. It’s like mental yoga, steering their thoughts away from stress and into the land of fun. Think of it as a mental marathon that keeps their brain cells on their toes and brings a sense of purpose. 

  1. Training 

Training isn’t just about “sit” and “stay.” It’s like your pet’s etiquette school, teaching them the ropes and bringing in that much-needed predictability. When they master those commands, they strut with newfound confidence. Treats and praise make these lessons extra enjoyable – soon, they’ll be the coolest canine on the block. However, navigating the training world for jittery dogs can feel like a maze. In such cases, having a chat with your trusty vet is best. They’re like your pup’s secret decoder – they know their quirks inside out. Plus, if your vet has known your pet for a while, they can have the scoop on your furry friend’s needs. After all, training’s like growing a tree – slow and steady wins the race. Patience pays off big time, and that investment in time and effort is like a treasure trove of happiness for your dog that lasts. 

  1. Play calming tunes

Guess what? Dogs love music too. Like classical masterpieces, mellow tunes can turn an agitated atmosphere into a serene sanctuary. It’s like a magic cloak against those nerve-racking noises. Score some relaxation points for your pup by tuning in to the magic of music. The gentle notes can help mask stressful noise and create a cosy nest of calmness, whether it’s classical compositions or specially curated playlists for pets. So, hit the play button and watch your dog’s tension melt away to the rhythm of tranquillity. If you’re unsure where to start, you can search online for relaxation playlists for your dog.

  1. Distract your dog with toys 

Have you ever noticed how a toy can whisk your pup from its troubles? Interactive toys such as doggie brain-teasers, keep their minds focused and tails wagging. Puzzle feeders and treat-tossers are also like pup therapy, diverting your pet’s thoughts from fret to fun. Not only do they keep your pup all smiles, but they also work their problem-solving muscles. And guess what? As a bonus, when your pup’s into the play groove, the stress significantly diminishes, almost gone in a flash. So gear up for some action-packed playtime – it’s like a worry-free vacation for your pup’s mind!

  1. Keep your dog cosy and stay consistent

Hug your dog with some calmness. You’ve seen swaddled babies – that snug feeling works on pups, too. Calming t-shirts or coats are like warm bear hugs that gently tame anxiety. When fireworks or car rides amp up their nerves, these garments swoop in like a hero’s cape. Here’s another thing: Dogs love routine, just like humans. For activities like feeding, playtime, and shut-eye – sticking to a schedule adds predictability to their world, taming anxiety. Even if life tosses a curveball, ease them into it so they don’t feel sudden shocks!

Are you caring for a worrisome dog? It’s all about being understanding, having patience, and developing an array of tricks. Your canine is as unique as their paw print, so you might need a mix of these tricks. By whipping up your own blend of safe spaces, mental stimulations, and a splash of calming supplements, you’ll be creating a custom-made chill plan for your dog. And when that tail wags and those eyes sparkle with calm, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot – a happier, zen-like bond with your four-legged pal.

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