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10 Free Educational Apps for Preschoolers

Getting our kids ready for preschool and prepared for kindergarten is one of the most helpful things we can do for them. We can help them learn at home using a lot of different techniques. One tool that a lot of parents like to use is Android and iOS apps. They integrate technology and learning in a way that makes learning seem like playtime. Here are 10 free educational apps for preschoolers to enjoy when they have a little screen time.

Create & Learn

Available on iOS and Android, Create & Learn is a great way to develop fine motor skills. Your little one can learn the alphabet and how to write. There’s also interactive animations to keep them entertained for hours!

Kids Balloon Pop Game

Available on Android only, Kids Balloon Pop Game has three different game modes. One that allows popping any balloon, and the other two that teach letters and numbers!

Preschool All-In-One

Available on iOS and Android (although they are a bit different on each platform). Learn coloring, numbers, letters, matching, patterns and more!

Quick Math Jr.

Available on iOS only. Help your little ones learn basic math skills with cute little monsters. There are also patterns that you can use to teach too!

Kids Learn to Read Rhymes

Help teach reading and rhyming with this app for Android devices only. With 3 different games, it is sure to keep your little one entertained for quite some time while they learn how to rhyme and read!

Zen Studio: Finger Painting

On iOS, Finger Painting lets your kids “paint” with their fingers on a ton of really neat designs that are engaging and colorful.

Kids Numbers and Math

Another great tool for teaching numbers and math on Android devices. There are a lot of different ways to play with this app. With numbers and objects to represent numbers, anyone can learn with this app!

Endless Learning Academy

This iOS app has over a THOUSAND lessons! There is SO MUCH that your preschooler can learn from this amazing game.

A+ Preschool Educational

Much like the app above this one for Android had a TON of learning games. From letters, animals, spelling, patterns, puzzles and MORE. Definitely a must-have!

Ready, Jet, Go! Space Explorer

The final educational app is a powerhouse for iOS devices. It starts the teachings of space, planets and stars! It’s a ton of fun!

Keep our preschoolers learning and entertained at the same time can be difficult. Hopefully, with these 10 free educational apps for preschoolers, you have a starting point. Whether you have an Android device or iOS, There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Do you have a favorite educational app that you use with your kiddo? Post them in the comments!

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