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10 Key Benefits of Having a Quality Baby Mattress For Your Baby

When it comes to ensuring that you have a well-rested baby, all parents know that this comes with an untold number of benefits. What most parents don’t realize, however, is just how important a quality baby mattress in achieving restful sleep for your baby. Similar to an adult sleeping on a hard mattress and tossing and turning all night, a baby too can feel lots of physical discomfort over their own mattress not being comfortable. They may not know exactly why they are uncomfortable, but they will most certainly express that they are not feeling well. Ensuring that your baby gets the best sleep possible is so very important not just for their health benefits as of now, but quality sleep now can have huge effects on their health and overall development far into the future. If you are interested in purchasing the very best quality mattress for your baby, then head on over to BabyHood and check out their huge selection.

10 Key Benefits of Having a Quality Baby Mattress For Your Baby

  1. Your Baby Gets More Quality Sleep – The most obvious benefit to having a higher quality mattress for your baby to sleep on is that they will get far better sleep. Just because a baby cannot comprehend the fact that they are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress does not mean that they won’t be able to express the fact that they are uncomfortable. Your baby getting higher quality restful sleep is one of the most important things they can get for their overall health and well being. On a quality mattress, they will sleep longer, sleep deeper, and inevitably be less fussy and far healthier. It is as simple as that.
  1. Parents Get More Sleep – Let’s face it when a baby sleeps more, parents sleep more. If everyone in the family is getting more sleep, then everyone in the family is going to be far healthier. Buying a baby a high-quality mattress isn’t just an investment in their quality of life, rather, it is a significant upgrade to the quality of life for the entire family. Studies have shown that babies that sleep to their fullest potential have parents with far fewer chronic health issues.
  1. Proper Bone Development – When a baby sleeps it gives its brain a chance to produce all of the proper growth hormones that are required for normal bone development. A recent Israeli study concluded that babies that were not well rested ended up not reaching their full bone growth potential, meaning that as adults they could end up being 1-2 inches shorter just due to not being properly rested child.
  1. Less Baby Colic – If you are not familiar with baby colic, it is the condition that causes babies to cry and whine for no apparent reason. Several research studies have shown that babies that are well rested suffer from at least 30 percent less colic than babies who are not well rested. A quality baby mattress will likely help your child get the best rest possible.
  1. Proper Posture Development – Babies have very soft and malleable bones. If your baby is sleeping on a bad or bumpy mattress then they could be running the risk of suffering from permanent spine or bone malformation. A baby should only sleep on a thin and firm mattress that lies completely flat and is able to allow for proper weight distribution. Your baby’s skeletal health is dependant on them sleeping on a quality mattress.
  1. Better Neurological Development – Numerous research studies on brain function and activity have proven conclusively that lack of sleep can dramatically slow down proper neurological development within both children and adults. There are even parts of your brain that will shrink over time and become atrophied due to lack of sleep, such as the part of the frontal lobe that is responsible for language and abstract thinking.
  1. Stronger Immune System – If you want your baby’s immune system to be as strong as it can possibly be, then be sure that they are getting proper amounts of rest and deep sleep. Sleep is the time when a baby’s body repairs itself. Without proper sleep, your baby’s immune system will become overloaded with physical stress and ultimately their immune system will start to falter and weaken. This will make them susceptible to getting ill or becoming diseased.
  1. Better Ability to Learn – Numerous research studies have shown that babies that get the proper amount of sleep are able to learn and develop much more quickly than infants that are sleep deprived. Sleep is the most important tool that the brain has to repair itself and create the proper neurological channels related to learning. Make sure your baby is getting plenty of rest to ensure proper cognitive development and a strong ability to learn.
  1. Healthy Metabolism – Sleep is one of the primary biological mechanisms that controls and regulates our metabolism. Study after study has shown that sleep-deprived people have far slower and unhealthier metabolic rates, which in turn translates to poor body weight control. If your baby is not sleeping well and getting plenty of rest, then chances are they are also gaining unnecessary weight due to poor hormone production in their brain due to lack of rest.
  1. Lower All Around Stress Levels – When your baby is sleeping well then that means Mommy and Daddy are likely to be sleeping much better. When everyone is getting the proper amount of rest that they need that will inevitably translate to everyone having a far lower stress level. When people get sleep deprived and fatigued this turns into stress usually. One of the core fundamental drivers behind the feeling of being stressed is exhaustion or fatigue. Stress is your body’s way of telling you that you need more sleep and rest. Help your little one get restful sleep by making sure that they have a fantastic mattress to sleep on. Everyone will be better off because of it.

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