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10 Memorial Ideas for Your Beloved Pet from Eastern Memorials

Losing a pet is not easy. There are so many people out there who love pets as they love their own family members. Even when they pass away, there are so many creative ways to always remember them in your life, whether you make a custom pet headstone or utilize pet grave marker. Here are the 10 best Ideas to keep your furry buddies in your memory: 

      • Get a custom portrait made of your pet. It can be a solo one, or a memorable picture you took of them. Hang it in the center of your house or someplace you can see them every day. 
      • Take prints of their paws and either hang them around the house or use it on pet headstones. Add their name, their features and anything sweet or memorable about them too. You can also get a porcelain picture of your pet and add it on their headstones. 
      • Make a huge collage of pictures which shows all the beautiful memories you had with your pets. Frame it and hang it in a corner. You can also make it in small desk-size so that you can place these frames at your bed site or on countertops. 
      • You can also plant a tree near to where your pet was buried. As a memorial, you can use pet grave markers, to remind you of where they lay, right next to the tree you planted. 
      • Create a corner for your pet at any point in the house. Hang their pictures, keep their possessions in a shadow box and place all the things in that corner. Make the corner more peaceful by using candles or using fairy lights and decorate it with butterflies. 
      • Convert your favorite pictures of your pet into souvenirs. Key chains, pillows or even in lamps, you can turn your household items into a living reminder of these loyal friends. 
      • Create a garden area specially designated for your pets’ memorial. Put your pet’s stones in there, which you can also engrave yourself by writing their name, memory and features. You can place their favorite flowers or plants. You can also create your own DIY stepping stone to remind yourself of your pets. 
      • Turn their keepsakes into jewelry. If your pet had a collar you can turn it into a bracelet to remind yourself of them. You can also use their name tags and incorporate them into your necklaces, bracelets and any other piece that you like to. 
      • You can also save their ashes or the soil they were buried in as a memoir, in an urn. Some companies can also help turn their ashes into fireworks, which you can use it on their birthday every year.
      •  If you have had a lot of photos of your pets, or your family members with pets, You can save them and make a photo blanket. Get each photo printed on a T-shirt or a cloth, and make a big quilt out of it. 

Photo by Peng Louis from Pexels

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