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10 Simple Yet Effective Decorating Tips for Every Design Enthusiast

Design enthusiasts often look at Pinterest boards to find the perfect room aesthetic, especially for a newly-purchased house. The internet is a great place to find different decorative inspirations; however, these sponsored photos may inspire you to buy pieces that are way beyond your budget.

In that case, you need to remember interior design principles to help you decide. This post discusses general ideas and guidelines so you can style your home with items you can easily find lying around or in hardware stores.

These are some of the tips for decorating your home:

1. Display things at varying heights

One of the common mistakes that people make is decorating everything at around the same level. It creates a visual cut in the room, making it shorter. Add more dimension to your room by putting all elements at varying heights.

2. Personalize common areas

The home is your personal space, so you should find a way to make yours stand out from other houses. Decorate a room according to your style and preferences and fill it with photos or artwork to symbolize your likes and interests.

Personalization is the opposite of what you should try to achieve when virtual staging. When selling your real estate property, you must remove personal effects or make it seem impersonal through a virtual stage, and you can learn more about it here.

3. Decorate in groups of three

Three is a good number to remember, and you should buy decorations in a trio. You can embellish it in all different ways, such as ascending, descending, aligned, or mirrored. One decor may overpower or underpower the visual, and two items may look uneven, especially if you’re going for an asymmetrical look.

For example, if you want to buy frames to cover a bare wall in the living room, you can get three similar sizes and line them up or three different sizes and create a collage.

4. Design an accent wall

Sometimes, you may have an empty wall and don’t feel like putting up paintings or photographs. You can opt to paint a portion of the wall with a striking design or an accent so the entire wall becomes the artwork itself. This technique is excellent for bare halls, and walkways since adding objects or furniture may obstruct the path.

5. Display decorative mirrors

Mirrors are great light reflectors and may make an area appear more expansive. If you have a bare wall or room and don’t know what to put, you can add a long vertical mirror or a big decorative one. Some cultures believe in Chinese geomancy or feng shui to harmonize different elements in the house.

6. Make the most of multiple light sources

Light is an essential element of interior design, making a room appear smaller or larger. Some homes have big windows for natural lighting or sunlight to get through. In a closed setting, it would help if you used a combination of white or yellow lights to create different ambiances, or you can get those LED lights with remote control.

7. Strive to achieve a timeless style

Following trends is one common mistake that design aficionados make. Some popular items may wear out over time. 

8. Choose function over aesthetics

You may want to buy an expensive decor or table for its aesthetic value but spend too much. A functional item is better than something you might not find a place for.

9. When in doubt, go wood or neutral

If you have to choose between several options, always select neutral tones or wood products. You can combine neutral colors like browns, beige, white, or black with other colors or items.

10. Add indoor plants

A house plant is one of the best ways to keep your indoor atmosphere fresh, promoting cleaner air. It would help if you kept in mind that not all plants are suitable for indoor environments, so do your research before bringing in foliage.

Final Thoughts

Style doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, and your home should reflect your unique personality, likes, and tone. While most people rely on social media images, you should never forget the best designs are those that you customize for yourself.

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