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10 Stunning Examples Of Wedding Flowers Design

Among many other happy things, our professionals at Brisbane Wedding Dresses Luv Bridal know that a wedding is an excuse to display unforgettable flower arrangements that range from huge and complex to wonderfully simple. Here are 10 examples of wedding flowers design:

A Carpet of Rose Petals

Riots of rose petals arranged on the aisle welcome the bridal party. The petals can be one color — many wedding florists prefer white or cream — or a medley of white, cream, pink, red and yellow.

An Arch of Flowers

At the end of the river of rose petals, the bride and groom and officiant finally come to stand beneath an archway smothered with flowers. They can be roses of the same type that carpet the aisle or completely different flowers such as lilies and peonies. Greenery from plants such as ivy add extra color and texture.

Fruits of the Sea

One really alternative arrangement to consider might be a huge, cornucopia shaped arrangement filled with clusters of tiny champagne grapes whose deep purple-blue is broken up by a cluster of greenish-bronze muscadine grapes, white and purple pansies and blue spiderwort. Add some greenery and artfully contorted twigs with small plastic octopi and marine snails tucked into the mixed and place it in a low, wide-mouthed iron-stone vase. This might be just the thing for a wedding reception with seafood as the main course.

Dirty Pink and Ecru Flowers

A reception table with arrangements of roses and dahlias in tones of dirty pink and ecru as the table’s centerpiece make a delightfully subtle statement. The color of the flowers can echo the soft colors of tapers and tea candles or even the color of the tablecloth or tulle bridesmaids’ gowns. Lime leaves and trailing vines add pops of bright green.

Subtle and Somewhat Japanese

One idea for a centerpiece is an arrangement of pink dogwood blossoms on stems shorn of most of their leaves. Add cream and pale pink roses and maybe a yellow carnation or two and arrange in a footed golden bowl. The feel of this arrangement is light and airy, perfect for a spring wedding.

Not as Subtle and a Little Dutch

One arrangement placed in a container longer than it is wide holds an explosion of white and white and orange daffodils, orange zinnias, dirty pink roses and a couple of strategically placed white snowdrops. This is also an excellent arrangement for a spring wedding.

A Few Blooms in a Bottle

Floral arrangements for weddings don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. A few roses lightened with baby’s breath or a single fresh daisy put in small, clear glass bottles are elegant in their simplicity. Indeed, some florists don’t even bother with bottles but simply arrange a couple of sprigs on a flower frog.

Enhance a Runner or Two

A gauze or lace runner placed down the center of a log reception table and allowed to puddle on the floor on both ends is lovely, but how about arranging sprays of flowers and greenery over the top and down the sides? This is an excellent solution if the table is a bit too long for one runner.

A One-Flower Bouquet

One surprisingly simple but eye-catching wedding bouquet is made of one type of flower in the same color as the stems tied together with hemp twine. This removes the headache of finding flowers that aren’t in season to go with a complicated bouquet or arrangement and makes choosing the color scheme for the wedding ever so much simpler. Some of the best flowers for this are Darwin hybrid or Apeldoorn tulips, roses and chrysanthemums.

A Green Canopy Over the Tables

A green canopy brings nature into even the most formal reception hall. As with other arrangements, there’s almost no limit to the style of a canopy. They can be made of everything from asparagus fern and eucalyptus decorated with sprigs of lilies or roses. They can hang from a grand chandelier, be wound around hanging hoops or hung with tea lights. More of the same leaves and flowers can be made into the table’s centerpiece, complete with votive candles.

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt from Pexels

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