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10 Stylish Summer Essentials You Need

Ladies, it’s time to hang up those winter coats and fold away all the layers you’ve been bundled up in over the last few months. Spring is in swing and summer is knocking at the door, which means it’s time to bust out all your favorite chic, sexy pieces that allow you to show off a little skin in these warmer months.

Not sure where to start? Fear not—we’ve gathered up the 10 essentials you’ll need to sashay through the season in style.

  • Casual crop tops

Goodbye raindrops, hello crop tops! It’s not often that we can tastefully display a sliver of stomach paired with a high-waisted skirt or some flattering slacks, but ‘tis the season to say goodbye to insecurities. Showcase your feminine figure with a cute but casual crop top, rather than a way-too-small tee that screams “Attention!” 

  • Denim cutoffs

You don’t have to get cheeky with it, but a solid pair cutoff shorts are the ticket to summer style. You can revamp your old Levi 501s or go thrifting for treasured finds! Pair them with a quarter-sleeve baseball shirt for that classic All-American look or downplay a chiffon blouse by tucking it in at the top right corner.

  • Boho basics

If you know me, you know that I’m the first to say yes to a boho dress. There’s no better way to display your care-free, colorful glow than with a bohemian pattern that fits you in all the right ways. But you don’t have to limit yourself to boho dresses! Hail your inner hippie with loose and flowy kimonos, scarfs that make a splash, toe-ring sandals, and choices galore. Earthy tones are your best bet to look like a chic artist stepping right out of the 1960s.

  • Simple slides

Sweaty feet are no match for the sweltering summer sun, so give your toes a breath of fresh air with women’s slide sandals that can complement any outfit. You can stick with the Three Stripe insignia on your post-gym Adidas, but a braided, banded aesthetic will make you appear polished to perfection!

  • Cashmere cardigans

Nights can still get a little chilly this time of year, so carry a silky soft cardigan made of cashmere on deck for whenever you need to go from brunch during the day to gatherings in the night. They’re essentially weightless, so you can easily tuck one into your purse without feeling bogged down.

  • Timeless sunnies

There simply is no summer without sunglasses. You don’t have to shoot for designer lenses that break the bank—just grab a pair of retro, cat-eye frames or edgy aviators that cost around $10 bucks to look like a Hollywood movie star.

  • Cute cover-ups

Whether you’re lounging by the pool or playing at the beach, you need a cute cover-up that conceals any less-than-flattering angles. You can’t go wrong with some classic linen pants, but a lacey tunic is another solid choice.

  • Trendy tote bag

Where to stash all your beach day essentials? In none other than a trendy tote bag, of course! Sure, you can make use of all your reusable grocery bags to save money, but if you want to step onto the sand in style, you’ll need a chic counterpart that can carry all your things. From circular towels to critical SPF, find a place where you can store all your summer must-haves and look stylish while doing so.

  • Stylish scrunchies

Calling all 90s queens! Scrunchies are back and better than ever, here to complement your natural hairstyles with an adorable up-do. Sky’s the limit regarding the different styles you can use to accessorize your ensemble. Choose corduroy textiles in burnt sienna and olive green when you’re feeling au-naturel or add some shimmery metallic to make an outfit shine. Either way, messy buns and ponytails will receive a noticeable upgrade!

  • Dainty jewelry

Accents are everything when it comes to your accessory game, and while those statement necklaces may have paired nicely with your cable knit sweaters last season, it’s time to swap ‘em out with smaller pieces that add a simple touch. Some of the best summertime styles include retro chokers, adorable studs, and charmed anklets.

Equipped with these summer essentials, your wardrobe will be filled with everything you could possibly need to feel and look fine in the sunshine!

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