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10 things you can do on a family get together

Family gatherings can be fun or boring based on how you see things. If you plan properly then you can make it the most exciting event of the year but if you go without any planning then you’ll find yourself sulking and looking for an excuse to exit.

Don’t let it happen. We have some effective tips on how to make any family get together a happening event. Let’s have a look:

1. Watch Your Favorite Show Together

If there’s something all of you enjoy then it’s time to order popcorn and get glued to the TV screen. All your family members can bond over a classic show like Friends or just watch a thrilling episode of Game of Thrones.

We suggest that you watch something that has some kind of an emotional value, such as a movie you grew up watching together. It will bring back memories and give you guys something to talk about.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

2.    Play capture flag

Capture the flag is one of the most engaging and exciting games to play when you’re surrounded by your family members. You can build tracks and make it more exciting.

Essentially designed as a game for children, adults can also take part in it.

3.    Enjoy a BBQ

The simplest of all is to have a meal together but sitting at the dinner table can be boring. Do something different and pull out a grill to enjoy a nice BBQ session. According to a report, every third gathering in the US is organized over a grill or BBQ. The reason why people organize these BBQ’s during family gatherings is that a few people do not have to stay in the kitchen. It gives more time to speak and bond better with each other.  

You can also turn it into a full-blown party with loud music and good lighting.

4.    Volunteer for a social activity

You can join hands for a cause. Of course, it’s not an obligation but when families come together for a cause, it helps them bond stronger.

However, not everyone may be interested in your cause so understand that as well and respect their opinions.

5.    A wild and happening treasure hunt game

A treasure hunt can be thrilling and exciting. The best thing about this game is that everyone can be a part of it. There are no age restrictions as such.

Just plan it out nicely and you will have a good time. The game revolves around hiding a few items that are to be found with the help of clues. You divide into two or more teams and each starts their journey towards finding the treasure.

The treasure can be anything, from a vase in the lounge to a nearby billboard. Just make sure to pick items that are not impossible to find and choose hints that make it interesting.

The game can go on for a few hours and would keep everyone on their toes while allowing your family members to come together and strengthen the born. There are few things that join people as well as working in a team.

6.    Have a cooking competition

Cooking may sound boring to some but if you turn it into a competition then it will suddenly be something to look forward to.

All your family members can compete together and turn it into a nice evening. Plus, as an additional perk, you will all get to enjoy different foods. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

7.    Watch home videos

When everyone sits together, it’s time to revisit memories. You can enjoy old home videos on your TV screen or pull out a projector to enjoy an even better view.

Watching yourself and everyone else do goofy things as a kid can be very entertaining.

8.    Conduct a family talent show

Have fun and let everyone show what they are capable of. Every family member can take the center stage and show their talent, which can be anything from reciting poetry to dancing to singing.

You can also have married couples share marriage advice to make it more interesting. All in all, it is all about having fun.

9. Go through old photos

Check out old photo albums together and take a walk down the memory lane. You can also discuss the background of each photo, such as your first outing with your cousins or the first time you tried skydiving. According to a report, going through old photos every once in a while affects your mental health positively.

Other than this, pose together and click a lot of photos so that you have new memories to take back home.

10. Talk and Gossip

Make it a point to have a nice conversation with everyone present. You can talk about everything, from politics to family events to your latest crush.

Get to know your family members better and explain who you are to them. You may not like everyone present at the gathering but it’s important to at least be cordial.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a lot of fun at your next family gathering. It’s all about being open and planning in advance.

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