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10 Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Finding the perfect wedding cake can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be such a challenging task to choose. There are countless unique designs that depict the love you have with your spouse just so long as you take the time to look around. With the right mindset, you will be able to find the perfect wedding cake design in no time. The following designs are different, and not your regular white tiered wedding cake, but that’s what makes them so special. Gone are the days of having a wedding that is like everyone else’s. Stepping out of your comfort zone and having a wedding that represents you and your husband or wife is what will make it uniquely yours.

10 Unique Wedding Cake Designs

The Donut Cake

Regular cake for a wedding is nice and all, but it definitely has been done plenty of times before. If you and your spouse love donuts, why not have a donut wedding cake? The tiers will be like a traditional wedding cake, but will all be donuts. This is also a wonderful way to ensure that all your guests get a piece of the cake.

Rustic Cake With Thin Icing

The rustic cake is simple, elegant, and minimalistic. This cake is all about taste, texture, and design. This is the perfect cake for those who aren’t huge icing fans because you get mostly cake. As long as the toppers have beautiful decor, this wedding cake will be perfect.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are cost-effective, tasty, and also very easy to order in bulk. Having cupcakes as your wedding cake will also allow you to pick multiple flavors. Usually, some couples also add a single tier of cake on top of all cupcakes, with the cupcakes being given to the guests, and the tier of cake eaten by the bride and groom.

Abstract Cake

A wedding cake that is cut in a unique way not just like traditional tiers will catch the eye of anyone. Usually, square blocked cake pieces that are stacked together create an abstract cake. It’s all about the odd shapes that make this cake.

Rainbow Watercolor Cake

Watercolored cakes, in general, are just absolutely breathtaking. They have an ombre effect that the standard artist couple will simply adore. Most cakes that do have this design also usually have glitter added to the colored parts to provide more decor. The nice thing about this cake is that it doesn’t look over-decorated even if you use multiple colors. Making it perfect for the artsy couple that wants a stand-out wedding cake.

Classic Square Cake

Instead of a traditional circular wedding cake, consider opting to a square wedding cake This type of cake still has the traditional white or pastel color but with a totally new twist. Square cakes also happen to be way easier to cut into even pieces than regular circular cakes.

Multiple Shaped Tier Cake

Instead of just a singular shaped cake for your tiers, consider having multiple instead. One oval, circular, and the other square. Utilizing different shapes for your wedding cake also gives you a chance to be creative for each tier. If your future spouse is more traditional than you are, then the circular tier can represent them; if your the spunky one in the couple, then you can have the square tier that is filled with lots of decor. Playing around with your personalities can really make it a stand-out wedding cake.

Lit Wedding Cake

Some wedding cakes can now have actual lights added to them to create a dramatic yet elegant appearance. The lights aren’t often added on the cake, rather on the toppers and decor instead. This is the perfect type of cake to have if you’re having your reception at night and/or outdoors. The lights really add a level of a romantic feel to the cake that regular wedding cake designs can’t do.

Printed Wedding Cake

Although definitely not for everyone, a printed wedding cake is actually stunning when done correctly. The trick to doing this type of cake right is to not try to make it look traditional in any way. That is where people get it wrong because they try to have some traditional aspects while also adding various prints, and it just ends up looking messy. The trick is to find prints and designs that best represent you and your future spouse and have the cake designer work from there. You have to be vocal with the things you want and don’t want so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Glow In The Dark Cake

If you want to take the lights thing on a whole other level, consider doing the glow in the dark design. What makes them glow in the dark is the fondant or icing that some bakeries use. Although it is quite pricey, the photos you get are simply priceless. Again, this type of cake would be perfect for nighttime receptions and outdoor venues, because it will really be a stand out in the area. Whether you do a regular cake, cupcakes, or donuts, this type of icing will surely be a crowd pleaser.

Along with having the best cake for your wedding, it’s also important to invest in the perfect wedding dress. Luv Bridal Melbourne formal dresses offer an array of options that will suit your style and needs. Every aspect of your wedding can be perfect from the cake to your outfits when you take the time to find only the best. Having a beautiful wedding doesn’t mean you have to have the biggest budget, it simply means you have to plan properly. With the right mindset, you will have the wedding of your dreams for a price you can afford. If none of the cakes above speak to you, taking ideas from them can get you one step closer to your dream cake.             

Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from Pexels

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