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10 Unusual Ways To Leverage Your Girl’s Night Out Party

Has your girl been going through a tough phase, perhaps she just finished her seven-year course at medical school? Perhaps her surgery was successful? You are probably wondering how you will appreciate her efforts and celebrate her. How about throwing her an epic party? She would really enjoy spending time with her girls to rejuvenate her soul. But where do you start? Here are a few unusual ideas to bring to your girl’s party.

Balance the gender ratio in the guest list

Your girl is probably going to tag along a few of her best girlfriends to the party. It’s not going to be epic if the girls show up to an all-girl party. Consider inviting the boys. Women fancy flirting on a warm night with nothing much to do apart from listening to music. However, be sure not to out-balance the ratio, you also don’t want a cock-fest.

Surprise them with a few strippers

Life’s too short for mediocre parties. Contact Brisbane Male Stripper services to make the party exciting for the girls. It’s going to get a little awkward if you invite your boys. This tip would be great if it were an all-girls party. If you are going to have both genders attend the party, invite over some female strippers to light it up. Strippers are a source of entertainment, nothing immoral.

Cocktail specials

What’s a party without alcohol? Guests will want to drink themselves to death, and the normal whiskey on the rocks can get a little boring. Hire a mixologist to mix up some unique cocktails with customized themes. Let them get creative with the drinks to make your party memorable. Don’t forget to stock all varieties of alcohol for flexibility.

Party in phases

A little fun never killed anyone. While home parties can rock, it would be better to get a bit adventurous. Depending on the reason why you want to host your girl’s party, choose a unique venue. Perhaps a beach party? What about a good night club? Has she ever tried partying in a cruise ship? What about partying in different places in one night? Think out of the box and make her fantasies become a reality.

Customized music

Most parties will pick a standard playlist and roll with it. Today, you want to make your girl feel special. You could do that by hiring a DJ for the night. Explain to him or her your taste and what kind of music you would want to play on the deck all night. Ask the DJ to start with her favorite high energy hits and slow down as the party energy sinks.

Food and snacks

The party is all about the queen. If it’s her birthday, don’t leave out the cake. Bring in caterers to attend to the food segment. Ensure that her favorites are on the menu and that the food is enough for everyone. To spice it up, the waitresses could dress skimpily to keep the guests entertained.

Special entertainment

Do you have any close artists, comedians or entertainers who could keep the party audience entertained? Ensure that whoever you pick delivers the right content to the audience. If it’s a bachelorette party, pick an entertainer who augurs well with girl-related topics. An artist could perform something romantic to express your feelings for your loved one or perhaps introduce an engagement phase. Use the entertainment panel as a mode of communication to your girl and her friends.

Party games

Although not entirely unusual, party games have been in existence since the early 1800s. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t limit your innovative touch. Study your guests and pick a party game that will keep them involved and entertained. It could be spinning the bottle coupled with truth or dare or poker. Ensure it’s a game with a thrill.


You want this party to remain unforgettable? Pick an unusual timing or date. At the onset of a weekend or holiday looks like a good choice. Start the party early in the afternoon with light entertainment and its peak during the night hours. If you are ready to take risks, a weekday sounds fine too.

Select a dress code

What is your party’s theme? Work along with the theme to decide what type of dress code you want. Could be an all-white party? Perhaps a costume party? Select a dress code that leaves tongues wagging.

It’s always a good time to throw a party. Bear in mind that it’s key to pay attention to detail to make the party unique.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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