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10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy Over Christmas Break

Kids can’t wait for Christmas break! Not only is it Christmastime, but their days are free to do whatever they like! Unfortunately, sometimes kids can’t find out how to fill all their time by themselves and need a little help from the adults. If your kids are bored and need something to do with their free time, you’ve got to try one of these 10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy Over Christmas Break!

1. Bake Christmas Treats

Few kids will protest the chance to make yummy Christmas treats! Make cookies, cupcakes, scones, whatever desserts your family likes! Pinterest is a great place to find new recipes, including ones for particular dietary restrictions.

2. Make Christmas Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments is a fun family activity, or it can be one that the kids do by themselves. There are so many different kinds of easy DIY ornaments they can make! Making them will keep them busy now, and the ornaments will become treasured keepsakes when your kids are older.

3. Build a Gingerbread House

If you want to keep your kids busy over Christmas break, hand them a gingerbread house kit! It’ll be a festive, creative activity that they’ll enjoy!

4. Play in the Snow

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with snow in December, you’ve got to send your kids out to play in it! They can make snowmen, go sledding, have snowball fights, or even go snowboarding. They’ll be occupied for hours getting physical activity out in the fresh air!

5. Go Ice Skating

If you know of a local lake that’s frozen in the winter, it could be a great way to keep your kids busy over Christmas break. But if you don’t have a lake to go to, you can still go to an ice skating rink instead! This is a great activity for kids that already enjoy rollerblading!

6. Watch Movies

Setting your kids in front of a movie is always a great way to keep them busy for 90 minutes or more. They can watch Christmas films, their old favorites, or anything new that you can find on Netflix.

7. Make Art

If your kids enjoy being creative, leaving them alone with art supplies is a great way to keep them busy! They can paint, make sculptures, or even sew or crochet if they know how! You can join in as well, either with the same craft or your own, for fun group creativity time!

8. Read

There’s nothing like reading to while away the time! Christmas break is a great time to take your kids to the library or bookstore and load up on a bunch of new titles to read. Some may be Christmas-themed, and some may not. It doesn’t matter, as long as your kids are reading!

9. Have a Scavenger Hunt

A well-planned scavenger hunt can last for hours, making it a great way to keep your kids busy over Christmas break! Depending on your home and the weather, consider either having the scavenger hunt inside or outside. You can find free printable scavenger hunts online, or you could make your own!

10. Make Bird Feeders

Birds need to be fed in the winter even more than in the summer! Your kids will enjoy helping out your local birds by building their own DIY bird feeders. Once they’re built, they can then hunt around outside for the perfect place to hang the feeders! Find the proper tools, and get started!

11.  BONUS – Build a Fort

Bring the outdoors indoors and pretend it’s still summer by building a fort and even bringing out the sleeping bags to keep toasty! It’d be nice on the pocketbook to not have to run the heat overnight too!

How do you keep your kids busy over Christmas break?

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