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15 Incredible Pregnancy Milestones To Look Forward To And Treasure

Photo by Andre Adjahoe on Unsplash

Although pregnancy can be an incredibly scary experience, it’s also one of the most exciting things you will ever do. For that reason alone, you’ll want to treasure every single moment for years to come.

Yes, the nine months may go slowly, but it brings so many different and incredible milestones that you can track along the way. From hearing your little one’s heartbeat for the first time to telling the world your exciting news, each and every milestone will mean the world to you.

With that in mind, here are 15 incredible pregnancy milestones to look forward to and treasure:

1. Taking Your Test And Finding It’s Positive

The will probably be one of the most memorable moments of your pregnancy, as nothing can make you forget the feeling of taking a pregnancy test and finding out you’re pregnant. Whether it’s something you were expecting or a complete shock, the feeling of joy you feel when you realize you’re pregnant can is hard to beat. This is the beginning of your great adventure.

2. Telling Your Partner You’re Pregnant

If you haven’t taken your test whilst your partner is in the room, you’ll have the amazing job of telling them that you’re expecting. Whilst some people prefer to do this in a private moment between the two of them, others make a bigger deal and often share their reactions on social media.

Whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while, have been undergoing an egg freezing process or you were not expecting the results you got – this will be a magic moment shared with your other half.

3. Your First Prenatal Visit

When you find out you’re pregnant it is important to see your ob/gyn straight away as they will play a huge part in making sure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Your first prenatal visit will probably last a little longer than any future visits you have to take, but it will be the one you remember the most.  

4. Seeing Your Baby For The First Time At Your Scan

This is a truly special experience as although you know you’re pregnant, you won’t have seen or felt your baby yet. Once you see your baby on the ultrasound for the first time everything will start to feel real, so don’t forget to pack your tissues for this incredibly emotional moment.

5. Experiencing Your First Craving

Food cravings are a normal part of pregnancy and you’ll find that as the months go on you’ll be getting more and more. Whether you’re sending your partner out to get you cookies at midnight or rifling around in the cupboards for the last of the peanut butter, your cravings will have you reaching for the strangest of foods at times!

6. The Moment When You First Hear Your Babies Heartbeat

Again, this is an incredibly special moment that will have you reaching for the tissues. Hearing your babies heartbeat for the first time is an amazing experience that you’re going to treasure forever, so make sure you take those people that mean the most to you with you.

7. Finishing The First Trimester And Making The Big Announcement

As your first trimester ends and you attend your first baby scan, the excitement can really start to kick in as it’s time to announce your pregnancy to all of your friends and family! There are lots of fun and creative ways you can announce your exciting news, especially when it comes to photo shoots and video creation.

8. Buying Your First Maternity Clothes

Sooner or later your bump is going to start making itself known and you’re going to need to buy maternity clothes. Whilst it may seem like something small, you’ll probably remember the first maternity outfit you end up buying for years and years to come.

9. Feeling Your Baby Move For The First Time

During your second trimester, you feel your baby move for the first time. If you thought seeing them on the ultrasound and hearing their heartbeat was emotional, just you wait!

10. Finding Out Your Little One’s Gender

Although it’s not for everyone, a lot of people prefer to find out the gender of their little on before they arrive. Not only does it allow you to prepare when it comes to baby clothes, but it means you’ll be able to start thinking about names!

Photo by Mon Petit Chou Photography on Unsplash

11. Choosing The Perfect Name

As mentioned above, if you know the gender of your baby you can start thinking of the perfect name. Lots of people like to keep this between themselves until the day they’re born, making it so much more special when they announce it to the world.

12. Finishing The Second Trimester

Finishing your second trimester is a clear sign things are starting to get more real and that your little one is nearly here. At this point, you will definitely be getting excited about their arrival.

13. Counting Down Single Digits To Your Due Date

As the days start to get closer and closer you will be able to count down single digits your new arrival’s due date. Whilst they may not arrive on time, as the day gets closer it will start to feel more and more exciting.

14. Your First Contraction (Of Many)

Although it may be scary to get your first contraction, it’s definitely one you won’t forget as it’s a sign your baby is on the way! Whether you’re at home waiting for things to get moving, or you’re out and about trying to get on with your day – that first contraction will be a welcome surprise!

15. The Incredible Delivery

The final milestone you should look forward to and treasure for the rest of your life is the delivery. Whilst it may be a long, hard and stressful time – it truly is one of the most magical things you can experience. When it’s all over you will have an incredible journey ahead of you.

Did I miss any important milestones? Let me know what your favorite pregnancy memories were in the comment section below.

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