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2010: Summertime Favs For Jay

While the end of summer season awaits us in just a few weeks, it’s not too late to enjoy what’s left of it. This summer has seemed to have flown by and instead of blogging about the season and activities as they happened, I kinda used that time to chill out a bit. So here I am as the season passes working on sharing some of the exceptional products we’ve bought and received from sponsors. I like to, in this post, share some of Jay’s summertime favorites, some you may recognize from last year.

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Play Up Double Slide Climber – You may have seen quite a few photos of Jayden having a blast on this playset. Step2 sent this over and it has been an awesome addition to our backyard. I love the vibrant colors Step2 used to design the Double Slide Climber. It has been pleasing to photograph. As the title suggests, there are two slides; a 45.5 inch slide and a 36 inch slide. When the set arrived, Jay was more partial to the shorter slide because the longer one sent him flying into the grass (lol). If your child is wearing smooth pants and no shoes, it will happen. (Weee! *thud*) There’s also a wall for climbing and a wheel so he can pretend he’s captain of his very own ship.

The Double climber was easy to assemble; took Greg and I about 30 minutes. I love that Step2 playsets are built to last. They weather well if left outside, but we’re choosing to cover ours up during the winter. And because they are very durable, you’ll be able to find Step2 toys secondhand on Craigslist, yard sales, and in thrift stores in great condition.

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Intex Sun Shade Pool – We bought this pool last year and it’s still a favorite. We still fill it up partially because Jayden will only stand in it if it’s partially filled. He still isn’t a fan of cooler water temperatures. He can stand in this pool for hours just scooping and pouring water. We don’t use the shade. As you can see in the picture above, he doen’t like it too much. Instead, he’d rather play with it separately.

Chub 4 006

Garanimals Mix & Match Sets – Garanimals sent Jayden an outfit from their summer collection. We are huge fans of Garanimals and own quite a few of their outfits. Each piece of clothing’s only $3 at Walmart, so if he gets a stain or rip, I haven’t invested much. And just because the clothing is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. Garanimals compares to some pieces I’ve seen at The Children’s Place and Old Navy.

Shooshoos Shooshoos

Shooshoos Smiley Sandal – Shooshoos sent us these sandals this spring and they’ve pretty much been all that Jayden’s worn. They are easy to slip on and they are flexible and lightweight – perfect for an active little guy who doesn’t like wearing shoes to begin with. I’m kinda kicking myself for buying him so many shoes. We recently packed up his outgrown shoe collection and stored them in the attic.

So there ya have it, some of this year’s summertime favs for Jayden. I hope to frequent the public pool and some beaches next year, so I’ll probably be mentioning some beach toys and swim wear next time. What products did your kids enjoy particularly this summer?


Tuesday 7th of September 2010

aww cute shoes :)


Monday 6th of September 2010

ShooShoos are a hit in our house and I really love garanimals, perfect play clothes!

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