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25 Gift Ideas That Globetrotters Will Love

25 Gift Ideas That Globetrotters Will Love

Traveling is hard work my friends! Let’s make it a bit easier shall we? Take a look at this lovely top 25 gifts for globetrotters any traveler would be excited to receive. And don’t worry… you won’t find any travel pillows on this list.

  1. Seek Explore Discover Luggage Tags: These are such a chic, easy way to keep track of travel bags.
  2. Private Stuff Organizing Bag: For keeping those unmentionables out of sight during those unexpected bag searches.
  3. Scratch the World Map: As you visit each location on the world map, scratch it away to reveal a beautiful map underneath.
  4. Travel Journal: This is a great place to write down memories, travel plans, and any other information that would be important to globetrotters.
  5. Travel USB All-in-one Worldwide Travel Chargers Adapters: Great way to keep devices charged…. even when the plugs change from destination to destination.
  6. Crossbody Bag: A high quality bag is always welcome on trips. This one comes in a variety of colors and has lots of space to keep all your goodies safe while you travel.
  7. Packing Cubes: These guys make packing and unpacking a snap.
  8. Digital Luggage Scale: Weigh your luggage before you check them at the counter to avoid unexpected baggage fees.
  9. Anywhere Travel Guide: A great way to discover new places to visit.
  10. Hanging Toiletry Bag for Men: The description states this item is for men, but really anyone can use it. The leather straps give it a very attractive look. If you would like something that is more frilly, this Toiletry Bag is right up your alley.
  11. Electronics Accessories Case: Keep all of your electronics including tablets and iPads in one safe spot with this case. It is even waterproof.
  12. Just the Ticket: Keep all of those memory provoking ticket stubs in this ring bound book. Love this idea!
  13. Travel Jewelry Box: The perfect way to keep jewelry safe while traveling.
  14. Gift Card: Give the gift of a goodnight’s sleep with this gift card.
  15. National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime Book: This book reveals some not so well known travel destinations. The photographs are stunning.
  16. Ultra Compact Portable Charger: Power banks come in really handy when there are no outlets around.
  17. Bon Voyage Suitcase Ornament: Take a trip…. around the Christmas tree.
  18. Outdoor Pocket Blanket: This picnic blanket folds up and fits in your pocket.
  19. Chesapeake Bay Candle Heritage Collection Travelers Tin Candles: Turn any spot into a cozy one with this set of 10 travel sized candles.
  20. Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier: All you need is a bottle of water to create moist air.
  21. Water Bottle with Integrated 1,000 Liter LifeStraw Filter: This amazing water bottle filters up to 264 gallons of water.
  22. TSA Luggage Locks: The perfect way to keep your luggage secure without breaking any TSA rules.
  23. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera: Regular cameras are always good to have, but this one allows you to instantly print out a picture.
  24. Portable Laundry System Wash Bag: Clean clothes are always a necessity, but when folks travel they aren’t always near a washing machine. This gift idea is the perfect solution to the problem.
  25. Cord Taco: Keep headphones neatly in their place with this incredibly simple and clever cord holder.

World in my hands! Cheerful little mulatto girl holding a globe while standing against grey background

Going through these products has given me the travel itch. Did you find any must have items? You know it is okay for you to buy a gift for yourself right?

Now that we have the adults taken care of…. take a look at what I found for the kids.

Must Have Travel Gifts for Kids

We all know that traveling with kids brings on an entirely new adventure. To help make your travels with kids a little smoother, here are some of my favorite travel gifts for kids.

For more travel gifts, check out Shopbop’s travel department. They’re currently having a BIG sale through November 28th!


How many of you made it through this post without booking your next travel destination? Share your favorite gifts for globetrotters with me in the comments. Don’t forget to tell us about your next travel destination too! Happy travels!


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

What a great list! This is so many things my sister would love!


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

I need a luggage lock. I hate to have my suitcase open on the conveyor belt from being tossed around.

Reesa Lewandowski

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

In my next life, I am going to be a globetrotter! What fun gift ideas, thank you for the suggestions!

Our Family World

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

The list is so easy to use and pick one from. A Cord Taco for music lovers, hotel gift cards for seekers and travel items for chasers!


Wednesday 21st of December 2016

Those are all lovely ideas. My niece just got an awesome job working for an airline, and she's always on the go. She'd love all of these.

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