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3 Beauty Treatments that Will Last Throughout Your Holiday

Travelling is one of the greatest joys of life, but being away from home for an extended holiday means that you might not have access to many of the everyday devices or products that you would normally use as part of your beauty regimens, such as razors for shaving, a range of facial cleaning, cleansing and hydration products or your never-ending bag of makeup.

Fortunately, many beauty salons are able to provide you with amazing therapies that can yield excellent and long-lasting results which means that you only need to have them once before going on holiday, and they can typically last for up to one month – perfect for that extended vacation.

Long-lasting beauty treatments that you should consider for your holidays include:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Hydrafacial
  • Permanent Makeup

Using lasers for beauty treatments is nothing new and while they are used for various skin treatments, they are excellent for long-lasting hair removal while Hydrafacial and similar treatments give your skin a thorough clean with results matching that of expensive Hollywood treatments and permanent makeup will last for weeks so you don’t need to worry about the application while relaxing or packing unnecessary makeup bags.

Laser Hair Removal

Having been around for a couple of decades now, laser hair removal as part of regular beauty treatment is now a common offering in most beauty salons. There are actually multiple laser treatment technologies available, each with its own pros and cons and lasers cannot be used for all hair types and/or colours. 

The way in which laser hair removal works is that the laser pulse light colour requires an opposing colour such as a red laser on black hairs. Because of this, blonde or white hairs cannot be removed with laser treatments and wax should be considered as an alternative but if you are able to receive laser treatment the results can last for over a month. 


One of the most popular facial treatments around at the moment, Hydrafacial works by applying the three most common facial cleansing methods at the same time; exfoliation, extraction and infusion. The accompanying wand is gently applied to the face in order to remove blackheads from the surface layer, while it sucks out any sebum (the oil that causes spots) from your pores and applies hydrating creams at the same time.

The results are amazing, with a facial cleanse and glow akin to any Hollywood celebrity. This is because the system works by applying all three treatments at the same time, therefore eradicating the chance of any oil production in-between applications. While each treatment can be expensive, the results should last for around one month.

Permanent Makeup

This might not be for the faint of heart, but if you really know your own style and you know exactly what you need to look like, then you can have permanent makeup applied by a professional beautician or makeup artist. Having permanent makeup applied can be a little uncomfortable and the harsh chemicals used requires that your face be numb first, and for this reason, always seek out a good and reputable professional for permanent makeup.

If you do go ahead and have this applied, and you got what you wanted, the results can be amazing. Not only does professional permanent makeup look great, but it completely eradicates the need to apply makeup every day but you should still treat your skin well, and depending on what type you have applied and certain skin factors, it can last from between 18 months to 10 years!

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