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3 Exciting New Trends In Green Homeownership

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Your home doesn’t have to be designed to be green, in order for you to live sustainably. There are some trends going around the homeowner community that you will want to know more about. They involve exciting new home designs that can be built off-site, allowing full customization to occur without any interruptions. Natural materials can be spread throughout the home without making the home too shabby or worn out. And of course, there is solar energy. This has been making leaps and bounds and it has become much more accessible than before.

Off-site home 

If you would like to sell your home and start from scratch, you can have one made for you. You don’t need to search around, just give an off-site home building company a call and they will take you through the entire process. Firstly, they will ask you what kind of style you want the home in? You can take your pick from any of the lists they will show you. You can also decide what kind of rooms you would like to have. Pick the size, the ceiling height, the shape and the kinds of features each will have. It’s a large challenge, one that you should relish because the home will be designed to be more sustainable. With fewer manmade materials, it will also last longer.

Solar share

You no longer need to install solar panels onto your roof to have access to solar power. A company like has shown that you can share solar energy if you attach homes to the power that solar panel fields produce. This way, your household does not use energy that has been made out of fossil fuels. You don’t need to do the expensive installation either, they will sort everything for you. Their shared solar farms are in the state of Illinois. However, they can power homes and rented accommodation too. This means that even if you live in an apartment, you can only receive your power from their shared solar farms. 

Fewer manmade fibers

Interior design is always a matter of choice. But it doesn’t have to be about style only, it can be about the kinds of materials you use. Don’t always focus on style, as you get wrapped up in colors, patterns and designs rather than materials. You’ll find that manmade fibers wear out quicker and they don’t always hold onto their style like cotton or wool do. So it’s highly recommended that you buy a cotton sofa pillow, or a cotton rug that can also give you more comfort in the home. Buy a cotton sofa while you’re at it. You can also replace your welcome mat that is made out of faux fibers, with a real cotton or wool mat. 

Green homeownership benefits everyone and it gives you more satisfaction to know that your home isn’t wasteful. You should give these trends a try and see if you like them.

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