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3 Major Impacts Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Shipping And Delivery Industry

What was once a booming, successful industry has been degraded and diminished by the pandemic. Courier companies are still getting people their packages, but it has taken a toll on the long and steady supply of business they had previously experienced. The impact the pandemic had on couriers in terms of business was significant. In fact According to the Agility Logistic report, reported on considerable constraints to ocean freight around the world impacting both key exporters like Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. However, this was soon as the first confirmed reports came in of the sickness, people began to change their behavior. They stopped getting off-world entirely, and local food and things were prioritized over everything else.

Couriers began to see a steady decrease in business as their best clients started saving more money by ordering smaller volumes of goods online. Companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL have all experienced major declines in both their profits and global presence due to difficulties in delivering packages and shipments. This post will explore 4 major impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the shipping and delivery industry.

Delays and Lack of Tracking 

In this day and age, it is difficult to imagine people not knowing exactly where a package is or when it will arrive at its intended destination. Recently, the pandemic has led to some major delays and a lack of tracking in the shipping industry. In an effort to keep all of us as safe as possible, many countries have stopped any incoming travel from infected areas. This has really slowed down the process of getting packages out on time or just keeping track without any problems at all. Apparently, this is a particular concern for the shipping industry, as they are particularly dependent on having accurate and timely information regarding their shipments.

Decreased Package Size and Weight

The ravaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have led to a change in package size and weight for the shipping industry. With human-to-human transmission now nearly impossible, manufacturers and shipping companies are reducing the package size to cut costs. However, by using a shipping rate calculator, shipping companies have been able to make more room for better shipping strategies to maximize actual profit.

Decreased Cargo Volume and Increased Luggage

The shipping industry is particularly sensitive to changes in cargo volume, as it directly relates to increasing costs for shipping over short distances and the number of resources necessary for transporting goods over longer distances. The pandemic has caused a steady decline in cargo volume, leading to a large increase in the number of packages being shipped with luggage. The shipping industry has to compensate for this extra weight by burning additional fuel and paying more for shipping

Understandably, the shipping and delivery industry will benefit greatly if the Covid-19 pandemic is contained soon. Corporations such as FedEx have already started taking steps to develop more convenient ways of tracking their shipments, some more creative than others.;tid=1;dt=6;

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