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3 Planning Tips To Make A Funeral Service Special And Memorable

Most of us do not like to talk about death and that’s completely understandable. It’s a touchy and sensitive subject that can make us quite depressed. But still, unfortunately, you cannot avoid it forever.

At some point, you will have to get rid of that fear and discuss all the important details. That’s the perfect time to gather your family and friends and get into details regarding your send-off. Although a lot of people find this to be a death-obsessed topic, it’s better to do it sooner than later.

This is something that is going to make things a lot easier for the ones you left behind, plus you’ll get to plan things on your own. If you need some form of assistance when it comes to a funeral, scroll below to pick up some useful suggestions.

Top Funeral Planning Tips

Plan In Advance, However, Do Not Pay In Advance

Bear in mind that most funeral homes sell plans that are going to promise you first-class rates if you purchase now, at this very moment, not years before you die. Do not fall for this at any cost.

Namely, you can always plan your funeral but that doesn’t mean that you should prepay. Just remember that planning is never the same as prepaying. The problem with prepaying is that you can never predict what is going to happen between the time you invested your cash and the time you die.

It frequently happens that funeral homes stop working which means that nobody is going to honor the wishes you’ve demanded. Or, what if you die in a place that is far away from the place you’ve organized your funeral

Hence, it’s a much better option to simply save your money, express your wishes to your beloved ones, and believe that they will honor them. Or, if you’re dealing with a Medicaid drawdown, you can then opt for prepaying.

Only, in that case, a prepaid funeral is a smart choice. Now, if you are worried about not having enough money for the funeral, you can always create a payable-on-death account, which represents a bank account that allows the person of your choosing to receive the money when you die.

Elements Of Service

Over the past couple of years, funeral services have become extremely personalized, even though some people still think they should be as traditional as they used to be. A personalized one is surely a much better choice.

Why is that? According to experienced funeral organizers at the family-owned & run funeral home this type of funeral reflects the special and unique personality and life of the deceased one. It showcases how the ones that loved him or her perceived that individual.

A lot of families these days choose to plan a memorial service or funeral that is focusing on remembering the deceased as he/she was during life. Therefore, it would be smart to plan and imagine a funeral that in a meaningful way says goodbye to the person who passed away. How can this be achieved?

  • You can capture the special, lovely qualities of the person who is no longer here
  • Reflect their spiritual or religious views
  • Allow the ones who grieve to express their feelings and at the same time comfort each other

Namely, a lot of families opt for funeral services in a funeral home chapel or any place of worship where they will be able to incorporate religious music and readings. On the other hand, some are more into something a bit more private. It would be smart to consider the following:

  1. A person who is going to lead the service
  2. Readings
  3. Eulogist
  4. Music
  5. Food and drinks
  6. Pallbearers
  7. Personal touches, for instance, memorial video, memory board, etc

This Should Be Incorporated As Well!


Although this may seem like a crazy idea at first glance, you wouldn’t believe how many people opt for fireworks and you might be wondering why is that the case? Well, it’s because they perceive them as some sort of celebration of life, especially if you add dancing and music to this mixture.

A firework display can be some kind of tribute to the person who is gone and who has always been perceived as shiny, vibrant, and beautiful. Now, the only thing you need to be careful about is to follow all safety instructions to make sure everything goes well without any consequences.

Death is part of life and that’s something no one can deny, but that doesn’t mean that funerals are supposed to be depressed. On the contrary. So ensure to go through these ideas to see which one is going to help you organize a good one.

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