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3 Secret Ingredients You Can Add for More Enjoyable Meals

If you’re finding that a lot of the food that you prepare for yourself at home doesn’t land with the same kind of impact as when you eat out, it might be that you’re missing out on small (but vital) ingredients. However, by including subtle additions to your meals you can turn the tide back in your favor. More than that, though, you might find that these are cost-effective ways of bringing enjoyment back to your meals. This might not always even be about matching the quality of food in a restaurant, but could simply be a way of making your food and drink more tasty or palatable to you.

Speaking broadly might be the best way to begin so that you can narrow down the specifics through your own experimentation. With that in mind, read on for three secret ingredients that you can add to your meals.

Additives to Your Drinks

While you might not typically include fluids under the bracket of meals, you might be surprised at how making these more enjoyable to consume can have an impact on your health. More enjoyable fluids mean you drink more and, provided what you’re drinking is healthy, that might be beneficial to you as well. 

Simply Thick mix-in gel can be applied to your drink of choice in order to give it a texture or taste that you find preferable to what it’s otherwise able to offer. This is similar to how some people add honey to their cups of tea.

Alternatively, it might be that simply making your water carbonated encourages you to drink more without subjecting you to the detriments that you might fear could be present.


The all-important component of seasoning can make a world of difference when it comes to your meals. This might sound incredibly obvious, but if it’s not a habit that you engage with all the time—perhaps out of a desire to save money on the ingredients—it might be time to make a change. Aside from just salt and pepper (which in themselves can be transformative), finding the right seasoning for the meal that you’re trying to make can actually end up being the primary ingredient that makes it a success.

There aren’t just dry options when it comes to seasoning either, and some meals could certainly benefit from the addition of fresh herbs such as basil or cilantro. Familiarizing yourself with what works and what doesn’t puts you in a good position to start experimenting for yourself.

Homemade Sauces

It’s natural to feel as though making your own sauces is just too much effort that you can’t justify going through. Not only do premade sauces often cost less, but they also save you time (and likely washing up if you have to make the sauce in a separate dish). However, preparing your own doesn’t have to be so complicated. 

Sometimes making your own sauce means using chopped tomatoes and the right seasoning with a couple of other standard ingredients that you can just mix with everything else. These ingredients might not cost much, and while they can add time, you might find that the positive impact they make on the taste makes it well worth it.

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