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3 Steps To Spruce Up Your Homes Exterior

Picture by Pixabay from Pexels – CC0 Licence

This post is for you to entice your family and friends towards a welcoming, beautiful, character-filled entrance that reflects the true beauty, vibe, and warmth inside. Often people swoon over other peoples’ abodes and wish that they could live in a place as aesthetically appealing. But the truth is, what you have is enough, in fact, more than enough, and with a little effort and a bit of money, you can make your home’s exterior the one that others dream of having.

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” —Inayat Khan.

The Windows To Your Home 

The glass panes of your home should be free from debris, to let your windows shine. The bottom windows you may be able to manage alone, but for those further up in hard to reach places, hiring a window cleaning business with pressure washing tools that extend and blast your windows free of dirt in seconds is a much better option. While you’re paying attention to your windows, be mindful of the condition and color of the frames. Wooden frames may benefit from being replaced with PVC or a fresh coat of paint.

Upgrade The Doorway

An alluring doorway is free from clutter, well lit, and of course, cobweb free. To spruce up the appearance of the door, the expensive option is to shop around for a new one. But if you consider yourself a bit of a DIYer and fancy saving some money. Instead, you can buy some primer and paint to upgrade your door. Before you leap in head first to choose your color, be mindful of what the neighbor’s door colors are first. As you don’t want your house sticking out like a sore thumb! Also, consider the architecture and age of the building too. Dark greys are flattering for modern architecture, whereas a cottage door may look better in a neutral color such as sage.

Look After The Yard

Depending on the size of your front garden, you could upgrade your home’s appearance in a day! All you need is a lawnmower, a watering can, and some gardening tools. By mowing and edging the lawn, you’ll add a defined grass space to your front yard, which looks appealing, smart, and tidy. But don’t forget to replenish the lawn with some water after mowing. 

After taking care of the grass, you could get rid of any pesky weeds that tarnish the appearance of your yard. Check the lawn, borders, and in between paving blocks. 

Greenery is always a flattering feature that offsets the brick or wooden exterior of a home, so be sure not to get rid of any blooming trees or budding shrubs you have. Not to mention greener yards are better for the environment and attract bees and birds. Instead, take care of your plants and trees, water them, and prune to your desired shape and size.

The tweaks and changes above won’t take long to do and aren’t expensive either. To keep the front of your home looking incredible, be sure to maintain the work you’ve done, by regularly mowing and watering your garden.

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