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3 Things to Remember When Planning Your Funeral

Photo by Teona Swift

Far from it seeming like a morbid subject matter, it is something that we should all give consideration to. Planning your own funeral may be something that you think should not occur until you have one foot in the grave, but there are a great number of reasons for doing it earlier. It gives you greater control over the ceremony, especially if you are looking for something alternative, but it also ensures you start to process the realities of the situation. Here are a few things to consider when you are planning your own funeral.

Start ASAP

Much like having life insurance, planning your own funeral can seem like an admission you are not invincible. But it’s important for you to think about this as a celebration of you. Planning ahead and having those conversations with the people close to you will guarantee your wishes are met down to the smallest detail. 

The smaller details can make a big difference, especially if you are looking to have a religious ceremony, and if you want specific details, such as items like funeral prayer cards or candles, this can give your loved ones a better understanding of what you would like to achieve from the event. 

Additionally, if you are unwell, planning ahead gives you a say in the ceremony and can reduce your loved ones’ responsibility to do your life justice.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

You may have not given much consideration to it as “an event.” It’s a good idea to research the different types of funeral service options so you can make the best decision according to your wishes, as well as your budget

Many funeral homes provide different types of services and burial options, but having the opportunity to go through things like the music and if you want some form of alternative ritual, like releasing balloons at the end, can all make a big difference to the event and how the event feels. 

A lot of people talk about not wanting to make a fuss when it’s time for them to go. The fact is this is your opportunity to have everybody understand what you wanted to achieve out of life. The more detail you provide at this stage, the better.

Enjoy the Process

So many people think about it as a very uncomfortable, difficult, or just plain morbid topic to discuss. If you take the time to plan your funeral, it can be a very cathartic experience. It makes you start to think about your life and what you have wanted to achieve, but it also makes you think about the things you still have time to accomplish. 

It is the last time you are given a major platform for your thoughts and feelings, so it’s a great idea to get into the mindset of planning this event. 

It takes the burden from your family members, but it can also be a very simple way for you to start preparing your mind for the thing that happens to us all. It’s your choice whether you want to make it a morbid event or not!

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