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3 Ways New Moms Can Make New Friends

New moms have a lot going on. Infants, while adorable, are very demanding and not very good conversationalists. During the first few weeks, family and friends may line up at the door to ooh and ah at your little bundle of joy. However, as the excitement of the new baby fades amongst your social circle, you may find yourself spending more time at home–alone. 

For moms who live far away from their friends and family, the social isolation can begin immediately. Making new friends is trying enough when you’re an adult, never mind when you have a small child at home!

Even if you’re lucky enough to have solid friendships, it is always nice to expand your group, especially if all of your other friends are child-free. Mom friends are the best source for advice on diaper creams, finding a great babysitter, or getting a baby to stick to a sleep schedule. 

Here are some mom-friendly ways to get out there and make some connections.

Use an App

Is there anything you can’t swipe for these days? Lucky for us, there are several apps devoted to bringing new parents together. Some apps, like Peanut, are made specifically for mothers. 

After downloading the Peanut app, you can create a profile that aligns with your personality. Then the app’s magic algorithm will send you friend suggestions based on your location and interests. 

You can also take a more hands-on approach and swipe through profiles of mothers in your area. If you match up, you can plan a coffee date and see how your friendship grows from there!

Other apps are not specifically designed for parents, but you can use them to make connections. For example, if you scroll through Meetup or Facebook groups, you may find everything from a first-time moms group to a whole event dedicated to children’s clothes swapping. 

Can’t find a group for new moms based in your Boston, Orlando, or Dallas neighborhood? No problem! You can also create your own location-specific group.

There are also interactive parenting online forums like What to Expect or parenting-focused Reddit threads where you can ask questions and give advice. These online communities hold in-person gatherings, so they are a great way to get out of the house and mingle with other moms.

Sign Up for a Class

Attending a prenatal class is a perfect way to find friends in the same stage of motherhood as you. Once the baby has arrived, you can also seek out recreational classes for parents and their children. 

Many local YMCAs host infant swim classes. Parents’ day out programs also give mothers and young children the chance to socialize for a few hours.  Since the same group of families will appear at these classes week after week, it won’t be long until you start chatting and make some new friends.

Go to the Park

Head to any park on a sunny day and more than likely than not, you will find a plethora of parents and their children. Finding friends at the park can feel very natural. If your child hits it off with another youngster, it’s super easy to transition the conversation to planning a playdate and meeting up again. 

If you stop by a park near your house, chances are the parents you find there don’t live too far away. You can ask other parents if they live in the neighborhood and share what you know about local activities for kids. 

Libraries and free children’s events are also amazing places to find friends, as parents often bring their little ones to these places to spend the day. 

A Word of Advice: Be Open

Many of us are more naturally introverted, so reaching out to strangers in the hopes of making a connection can feel extremely awkward and foreign. As difficult as it is, maintaining social connections is essential for new moms, who already struggle to hold on to their confidence on their best days. 

A strong support network can help women battle postpartum depression. Plus, studies have shown that moms who regularly hang out with their pals are happier and healthier. 

With all those benefits, what do you have to lose? If you are struggling to put yourself out there, consider making this promise. Join an interactive online community, like a Facebook moms’ group. 

Write down some of the parenting questions that come to you as you go about your day. Then, once a week, ask one of those questions in the group. Not only will you learn a lot, but you might be surprised to find how caring and supportive strangers can be. 

Give back to the group by answering other moms’ questions. Taking these baby steps will help you build the confidence you need to get out there and make real-world friends. 

Do you have any tried and true ways of making mom friends?

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