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30 Green Days / 3 Ways to Conserve Water in the Bathroom


Happy Friday! I hope you’ve been enjoying my green living tips. I know I’ve been a little winded with my latest articles. Today, I wanted to quickly share a few ways we conserve water in the bathroom and then you can scurry off to your weekend activities :-). Along with toilet flushing, bathing and showering take up a significant amount of water.

When it comes to showering, Greg and I “piggyback” off of each other’s showers. We catch each other at the last leg of our showers to keep from having to wait for the water to warm up again. This minimizes the amount of cold water that would otherwise go down the drain.

In addition, we’ve installed a low-flow shower head. The quality of our showers remain the same and the shower head reduces water consumption by up to 28 percent.

Last but not least, whenever we take baths, I put some of the bath water to use by watering our plants. I try to do this whenever they are due for a watering.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy water conservation tips. Tune in next week as I’ll be talking recycling! Have a great weekend!


While SC Johnson is the sponsor of the 30 Green Days Challenge, all opinions and comments within this post are my own.

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