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3 Ways to Maintain Connections With Others During COVID-19

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many people have stayed home as much as possible. Schools are still closed in many areas of the country to in-person learning, many employees are working remotely and you might get your groceries delivered rather than head to the supermarket.

While these measures have helped you and your family stay healthy and safe, it has also been understandably difficult to be away from the people you love. You miss your BFF and your regular coffee dates, your kids miss their friends and you know your folks really want to come see their beloved grandkids.

Here is some good news: it is still very possible to maintain strong human connections, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Here’s how. 

Consider “Driveway Coffee”

If you and your friends feel comfortable doing so, you can get together in a safe and physically distanced way for “driveway coffee.” Invite a close friend or two over and set up chairs at least six feet away from each other in the driveway and ask that everyone bring their own beverage. Your kids can also do this with their friends; just advise them to avoid hugging, high-fiving and sharing their soda and snacks. 

To make this type of social event even safer, everyone can wear masks, removing them to sip as needed. If you need to order a new supply of kids’ face masks, consider buying kids’ KN95 masks from Green Supply. Not only are these masks comfortable and easy to speak through, they also come in different colors and have a high filtration rate of 95 percent. You will be amazed at how “normal” and wonderful it will feel to sip a beverage with close friends and chat, even if you are across a driveway from each other.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

For friends who are not in town and/or those who are being especially prudent about staying indoors for now, a virtual happy hour can be a fun way to stay in touch. As notes, use a virtual meeting platform like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts and create a meeting time and then send out invitations to friends and family. If you have not seen your family members’ faces in some time, this can be an ideal way to do just that while enjoying whatever food and drink you desire.

Call, E-Mail and Text Frequently

As the ICAA suggests, harness the power of technology to stay connected with others as often as possible. Instead of sending a quick e-mail, use your smartphone as an actual phone and call your mom, your BFF and your nieces and nephews. If you wish, set up routine phone dates with your elderly parents; they will look forward to hearing from you regularly. Get into texting marathons with good friends, sending funny pics of the kids and/or offering to pick up needed items for them at the store. You can also visit social media to connect with others; use the messaging features on Facebook and Instagram to have conversations with good friends and relatives as well as reconnect with some buddies from junior high.

Social Distancing Does Not Mean Relationship Distancing

As you navigate your way through this pandemic, it is important to remember it will not last forever. One day, hopefully soon, you will be back at the coffee shop with your friends and hugging your parents who live out of state. But for now, you can enjoy distanced and outdoor visits with others, host a social event on your computer and use all of the technology you have at your disposal to maintain those precious connections with others.

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