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4 Amazing Ways To Brighten Up An Old Patio

A patio makes a great addition to any garden. It’s the perfect area for relaxing in the sun and entertaining guests. It’s also very useful when you’re trying to design a large garden because it breaks the space up a bit and reduces the area of lawn that you have to care for. But if you just put some paving slabs down and leave it at that, your patio area isn’t going to be that exciting. Over the years when it starts to get a bit dull, your patio will just end up being a corner of the garden that you don’t really use, which is a shame. But if you try some of these great ideas, you can breathe new life into your patio and start enjoying it again.

Start A Container Garden


Sometimes, you just need a few plants to brighten up the patio a bit and make it more inviting. You can do that easily by starting a container garden out there. Even if you’re not that great at caring for plants, you can still manage it as long as you find plants that don’t need that much maintenance. You can even make one with old containers that you’ve got lying around the house so it doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s ideal if you only have a small space and you can even start growing some vegetables out there if you like.

Build A Pergola


If you live in a particularly hot climate, having a nice shaded area in the garden is essential. When the sun is hottest in the middle of the day it can get very uncomfortable so you need to create a shaded portion of the garden where you can find a bit of respite from the heat. Building a nice pergola is the best way to do that. It gives you an area where you can set up some furniture and eat meals outside when the weather’s nice without being directly in the sun. It’s a big job to take on so it’s best to get a company like arizona pergola to do it for you. You may also need to check planning regulations and get permission if the pergola is going to obstruct the view from your neighbor’s house.

Power Wash It


If you’ve already built a nice patio area outside but it’s looking a bit dull, you might not need to make any big changes. Often, it just needs a bit of tidying up. The patio slabs pick up moss and dirt over time and weeds start to grow in the cracks, making it look scruffy. But if you just hire a power washer and give it a good clean, it’ll look brand new again. Once it’s looking nice and fresh, you’ll be more inclined to use it again.

Build A Barbecue


There’s no better way to celebrate the summer than firing up the barbecue and inviting friends and family around. You could just go and buy a barbecue, but why not make it a feature of the patio by building your own brick one. It’s not as hard as it looks, just follow this tutorial and you can build your own great barbecue and make it the centrepiece of your patio area.

If you spend a bit of time upgrading your patio and tidying it up a bit, you can create an amazing outdoor space to enjoy in the summer.

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