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4 Fun Ways For Kids To Get Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise gets your heart rate up and gets the blood pumping. It’s important for overall heart health and maintaining a healthy weight, which is why you should encourage your kids to do as much aerobic exercise as possible. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done because a lot of kids would rather stay inside and socialize digitally instead of playing outside. If you’re struggling to get your kids to stay active, here are some fun aerobic exercise ideas you can try. 

Photo by Daryl Wilkerson Jr from Pexels


If you try to convince your child they should go for a run, you won’t get very far. But there are plenty of fun games that involve running and chasing, so try to encourage your kids to get out and play more. Why not play a family game of tag or capture the flag? These tried and tested games are easy to play, they’re great fun, and they are a brilliant way to get more aerobic exercise without it feeling like a chore. 

Bikes And Scooters 

Cycling is a great aerobic exercise for kids, and it’s a brilliant activity for the family to do together. Going on a family bike ride is a brilliant way for everybody to stay active, and you can try cycling instead of driving to incorporate more aerobic exercise into your routine. 

Bikes are great, but micro scooters are even better for aerobic exercises. They require a lot more energy to push because you are relying on the power of your legs without any assistance from the mechanism on bikes. Look at A Guide to Micro Scooters before you buy because there are some different types to choose from. As well as being great aerobic activity, they help to develop balance and motor skills too, so a micro scooter is great for your child’s overall physical development. 

Team Sports 

Most team sports involve a lot of aerobic activity and the start/stop nature of them is ideal for weight management. Interval training is a popular exercise strategy because increasing the heart rate and letting it drop rapidly is the most efficient way to lose weight. Playing fast-paced team sports gives you the same effect, so you’ll notice a big difference on family weigh days if you get your child into sports. Some kids just aren’t into sports and that’s fine, but there are so many different options out there and if you give your kids the freedom to try things out, they should be able to find something they enjoy. 


People underestimate how good walking can be for your health. The problem is, we all live very sedentary lifestyles these days so we don’t walk anywhere near as much as we should. So, make an effort to set a good example and walk instead of driving. If you can encourage the whole family to walk more, your kids will benefit from it. You can also take the kids hiking to get a bit of extra exercise in and spend some quality time with the family. 

Getting your kids to do aerobic exercise can be tough, but these fun options will help them stay healthy.

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