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4 Great Ideas to Re-Energize Your Dog

Photo by Anna Dudkova

All owners want to keep their dogs happy when they are sick, but some dogs can seem lazy and exhausted even when they are fit and healthy or are they? Typically, owners expect their furry friends to bounce around, play, and make the most of the house and backyard, which is why low energy can be a cause for concern. If your dog hasn’t seemed themselves recently, here are four great ideas to re-energize them. 

The Right Diet 

All dogs need a suitable diet if they are excited about walks and happy to play with their friends in the park. You should pick the right food for your pet’s size, as too little means they won’t have the sustenance to keep up with the rest of the neighborhood pooches. 

On top of this, plenty of water will keep them hydrated while supplements could also be useful, especially for breeds that may be more prone to joint and muscle issues than others. As long as you keep on top of their diet, your dog should have all the energy it needs. 

Plenty of Stimulation 

You can also ensure your home and the surrounding area are interesting enough for them. Allowing your dog to roam freely (or mostly freely) around the house means there’s always something for them to explore, while MightyPaw discount dog toys and treats can occupy them if everyone’s out for the day. 

Enough walks and interaction with other dogs will also play a huge role. If your dog feels isolated, it won’t have enough fun, and this will cause them to feel lethargic, which makes it challenging to get them excited about anything.  

Check For Injuries 

If your dog has suddenly lost its love for playtime, it could be a sign that they have hurt itself. Knowing the most common injuries in dogs, such as sprained joints or injuries after getting a little too rough with another dog can help you find solutions. 

Your vet should be able to identify problems that will get them back to their best, and they will usually recommend some rest and lots of cuddles until your dog is ready to get back outside again. 

Help Them Lose Weight 

The signs of obesity are more common in older dogs as they don’t have the energy they used to. If you don’t adjust their diet, this means they will put on too much weight throughout the year. 

Although your dog can’t run as fast or as far as it used to, you can still help them lose weight and enjoy a more active lifestyle. You may need to find alternatives to long walks and there will be plenty of begging for treats along the way, but remember that your pooch can’t indulge as much as they used to. 

Zoomies Incoming 

These ideas are the most useful and common ways to help your dog feel better and get back to its tail-wagging self. If your pooch hasn’t seemed as energized as you’re used to, don’t hesitate to check for potential problems to make sure they aren’t bored, injured, or too heavy to play like they want to.  

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