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4 Ideas To Redo Your Bathroom After Moving In

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Even before you get your morning coffee or tea, you start your day in the bathroom, washing your face, teeth or taking a shower to wake you up. It’s no surprise then that after you’ve moved you want to see it better, more modern, and practical than your older one. If you’ve always disliked your other bathroom, your top priority is to redesign the new one, preferably in a cheap and fast way.

There are countless ways you can redo your whole bathroom without having to spend a small fortune and taking months to finish it. You shouldn’t forget about upgrading your lighting, try a new coat of paint, and changing the furniture. We’ve put together a list for you that focuses on these in-depth, helping you give your bathroom the facelift it deserves. 

  1. Moving in

Before you start thinking about redecorating your bathroom, you need to move in and get all the stuff from the old home you might need in the bathroom. If you don’t have time, the simplest solution is to hire a moving company. Nowadays, it’s easy to find the New York City movers that not only can tailor their services to your needs but offer them at a reasonable price.

When you found the right company, you don’t have to worry about all the minor and major steps of the relocation, as the pros will take care of everything. The only thing you need to do is tell them what items you need to transport to your new home, give them the address, and then sit back and enjoy as they do all the hard work.

  1. New lighting system

If you want to give a radical new look to your bathroom, you have to get rid of the outdated lighting system and go with a more modern and practical fixture. Luckily for you, there’s a huge variety of items online that you might need. Before making a purchase, don’t forget that big electrical projects require a professional touch.

Of course, with some help, you can change your old lighting fixtures to new ones. You can and probably should give certain trends and styles a try. If you want to have a modern bathroom, hanging pendants are a must, and light bars can give you the results you need. Remember that it’s a great idea to rely on LED lighting, as they are energy-efficient and aesthetic.

  1. Choose the right colors

It’s no secret that with the perfect colors, you can give your bathroom a totally new look. If you have a small bathroom and want to make it look bigger, go with light colors. However, you shouldn’t forget about the importance of vibrant or dark colors. They’ll help in adding a bit of extra to everything.

If you have fears about too much moisture in the bathroom, you don’t have to go with gloss paint. At the place you’re buying the paint, ask someone to mix in the required additive to matte paint to keep moisture away. Picking the perfect colors doesn’t refer only to the walls. Don’t forget about repainting your cabinets using semi-gloss or eggshell paint. 

  1. New furniture, more space

Even a bigger bathroom needs to be organized and clutter-free. If you have a smaller one, going smart about decluttering and organizing it is a must. It’s all about making sure you pick things that give you more room and storage. 

Cabinets will pull-out drawers that can give you better storage options in your bathroom. Plus, they look great, are really practical, and don’t cost a lot. There’s a wide variety of these items online, and also you can find many of them in home improvement stores. If you want to maximize your storage, give floating wall shelves a try.

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