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4 reasons why you should consider getting a fire pit for your backyard

Photo by Ron Lach

Are you looking for a way to update your backyard and get more use from your outside space? A fire pit might just be the perfect option. Keep reading to find out four reasons why.

1. They add instant atmosphere

It’s no secret that there’s something captivating about an open fire. The flickering flames draw people in with their movement, soft light and warmth, and watching a fire has even been found to lower blood pressure. With a fire pit, you can safely harness this relaxing ambiance in your own backyard. They generate enough light to see by after dark, plus a cozy feeling that you won’t get any other way. You can have a planned or impromptu date night with a partner or a night in by yourself, a fire pit can provide the perfect atmosphere. Not only that, but the majority of fire pits still make an attractive garden feature even when they’re not lit.

2. They’re not just for Summer

Lots of people don’t get much use out of their backyard in the colder months, but a fire pit can change that. They’re equally enjoyable in the summer and winter, whether you’re toasting marshmallows over the flames, using them as an alternative to a BBQ, or cuddling up around them in a cozy blanket to gaze at the stars with a cup of hot cocoa. So no matter what time of year it is, start searching for outdoor firepits for sale near me and you could be sitting around the flames sooner than you think!

3. They’re perfect for parties

The human tendency to gather around a fire to bond and tell stories dates back to the origins of society and is unlikely to go away any time soon. If you have a fire pit, you’re sure to find that it becomes a focal point during social gatherings – and allows you to hang out in your backyard for longer because cold weather and darkness won’t prevent you from staying outside and having fun. All you need to do is pull up a few chairs or benches around the flames, and they’re guaranteed to be filled before long.

4. There are plenty to choose from

These days there are so many different styles of fire pit to choose from, you’re sure to have no problem finding an option that suits the size and design of your backyard. They range from fire pits built into tables, to permanent brick structures and pebble-topped gas fire pits. Likewise, there are fire pits available to suit all budgets.

The key factor to focus on is safety. So whichever you opt for, ensure that you place your fire pit on a nonflammable surface and keep it at least 10 feet from your house or other structures (there may be local regulations you need to check regarding placement). You should also ensure that there are no overhanging branches above the flames. Finally, if you have children make sure that you educate them on fire safety and that they are never left unsupervised when the fire pit is lit. 

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