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4 Signs It’s Time For A Veterinary Visit

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

When you’re living with your pet, it can be a wonderful experience, but there’s just one problem. Your pets will have a difficult time telling you when something is up, and you should be looking out for the signs or indications that they’re due a veterinary visit. One of the greatest concerns is that most pet owners are worried about their furry friend falling sick and not realizing it, but there are some very tell-tale signs that something is very wrong.

Change in eating habits

How your dog or cat eats can be a very clear indication that something is wrong, as they’ll usually eat the same foods and the same amounts on a daily basis. If your animal is starting to change how they eat, how much they eat, and what they eat, it could be something to be alarmed over. 

Usually, this is a sign of digestive issues or intestinal blockages, which would require them to get immediate surgery to resolve the issue. Ignoring this problem could put your pet in serious danger, so even if it’s an expensive check-in over nothing, it’s worth your peace of mind.

Concerning health signs

If your pet has started to vomit or you’ve noticed your dog peeing blood, that’s something to be very concerned over. This is usually alarming to most pet owners, but in case it’s something you feel is normal for your pet, it’s time to book a visit.

Changes in their stool should also be something that alerts you it’s time for a visit, as it’s not healthy to see changes unless they’ve recently tried out new foods. Always make sure you research what’s healthy for your pet before feeding it to them, as some common foods can be toxic for them.

Irritated eyes

We’ve all had dry or itchy eyes, and it might not concern you so much to see your pet experiencing the same thing. However, it’s not just a sign of hayfever or allergies in general, it could be a sign that they’ve got an infection. It could also possibly be a sign that they’ve damaged their eyes, so getting an opinion from your local vet will help to clear up any concerns or worries.

If you have infants, it’s common for your dog to experience these infections, but something that you should still consider a visit over.

Aggressive behavior

If your usually loveable pet has started to show signs of aggression or seems less patient or snappy than usual, then it could be a sign of many different things. Usually, animals will be aggressive when they don’t trust those around them, but when it comes to your own pets, this could be a major health concern.

Some owners might think it’s time to start disciplining their pets, but that’s not the case at all. You should make an appointment immediately, as this is a signal that something is very wrong internally. It’s not necessarily fatal, but you should have it sorted out as soon as possible.

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