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4 Summer Gardening Tips You Need To Know

Photo by Pexels

Summer gardens make the hard work all year worth it. Full of life, vibrant colors, flowers, insects and birds. And thanks to the warmer weather, most people spend more time than ever in their gardens, enjoying the beautiful space they’ve created. But how do you keep it looking tip top throughout these sunny months? Read on to discover 5 top gardening tips. 


Make watering part of your routine 

As it heats up and the sun gets more powerful, the plants in your garden need more water than usual to survive and thrive. The best time to do this is when the sun isn’t out – so that’s early morning or in the evening. This is because the water can soak down into the roots of the plant, rather than evaporating because of the heat. This can be difficult with summer holidays and evenings spent out and about, so make sure you have some kind of back up plan – either ask a friend or family member to help you water the garden, or use a system like the rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller to water the garden in your absence. 


Feed your plants 

To extend the life of your plants, keep them in good condition and boost the color of flowers, feed them with fertilizer in the summer months. This is particularly relevant for any plants in pots, as they can quickly get hungry for more nutrients. Check the plants in your garden to find out which fertilizer is best for them and how often they need to be fed, because not all plants like the same thing. For example, annuals respond well to being fed with water soluble fertilizer every three weeks. 


Get trimming

Trimming or de-heading flowers in the summer months can do wonders for your garden. In the early summer, you can prune shrubs that flower in the spring, to invigorate them for the future months. By de-heading (taking off dead flowers), you’ll help to boost the amount of flowers that the plant produces. This is because it stops the plants seeding, so it works hard to produce more flowers for the summer. 


Keep on top of the weeds 

Thanks to the sun and brilliant watering by you, the weeds in your garden will also be growing in abundance. That’s okay – weeds are just plants growing in the wrong places. Just have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure weed vegetation doesn’t take over your garden. You could lay down mulch to stop them coming through, or you could dig weeds out with a hoe before they have a chance to really take route. 

Hopefully, this article has given you a few tips for keeping your garden in the best condition for the summer. As long as you keep on top of watering, take control of the weeds and feed them with some fertilizer, your flowers should be blooming all summer long. Now all that’s left to go is to go out and enjoy the garden! 

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