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4 Time Saving Tips for Working Moms

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Working as a mom is not an easy job. As a working mom, there just never seems to be enough time in a day to get every chore done. There is a lot of stuff you have to deal with in a day starting from doing dishes, grocery shopping, the pick-ups, drop-offs, and homework to attending the parent-teacher meeting and doctor appointments. You may get overwhelmed and feel stressed out during the whole day. The key is learning to make the most effective use of your time. Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to save time as a working mom. If you are struggling to achieve a better balance between your professional and home life, here are some time-saving tips for you. 

Cook Ahead on the Weekend:

Spend some time during the weekend preparing food for a few days ahead. This can save you a lot of time in the week to come when you are in a hurry to ready the kids for school and leave for work. This can also save you and your family from eating junk food, too many snacks or processed food during the week because you couldn’t manage time to cook a meal every day. Cooking and freezing meals for two to three days is a good idea to save time as you will only have to cook a few times during the week. You don’t have to worry about preparing a meal even if you get stuck in traffic or have to work a little late.

Take Advantage of Apps:

Take advantage of technology to be a mom on the go. There are apps for almost everything that can make your life easier and save you a lot of time. With banking apps, you can transfer money and deposit checks from your phone. Bill payment on your phone is quicker and easier with the Western Union mobile app. Calendar apps allow you to keep your family events and appointments organized. Use food apps to find recipes that can be cooked quickly and automatically create shopping lists. Do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered right to your door. 

Do a Little Extra the Night Before:

Getting your kids and yourself ready to leave for school and work on time can be a real struggle. It’s better to get prepared the night before by doing as much as you can. Get your kids to choose and lay out their clothes for the next day. Load the backpacks and briefcases and store them by the door. Pack lunch boxes for your kids right after dinner. By making a little extra effort the night before can cut down on the chaos in the morning. 

Have a Home for Everything:

When you have a place for everything, everything will be in its place. This is a good tip to live by and proves to be a huge time saver. Start by figuring out which things take more time than they should. For instance, you may waste fifteen to twenty minutes every other day looking for your keys in the morning. Designate a place for them and put them on a hook every time you come back home. Even when anyone in your home needs a safety pin, they should know they’ll find it in the sewing box.

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