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4 Ways to Make The Air In Your Home More Breathable

Air pollutants are on everyone’s mind these days. But most people think of air quality as an issue only affecting the outdoors environment. Few take the time to think about indoor air quality, even though damaging particles in many homes are hurting the health of many people worldwide. If your air has that not so fresh smell, you can fix it with some simple actions, such as those below.

Air Purifier

The easiest way to take a step toward clearing your home air is to purchase an air purifier. Air purifiers work by pulling the air nearby the machine through a filter, pulling out harmful substances in the process. While an air purifier can help improve the general atmosphere in your home, not all air purifiers are equally efficacious. You will want to look at online ratings to find out exactly what kinds of impurities the purifier is capable of removing, and how effective it is in comparison to other similar models, before you spend your money.

Eliminate Allergens

Impure air is a particular problem for people with respiratory issues such as allergies. An allergy is a problem with your immune system wherein your body’s defenses will perceive a certain foreign substance as a pathogen instead of as a harmless item. People can be allergic to foods, animal dander, molds, and various plants. Keeping allergens out of your home depends on the things which you or your housemates are allergic to, but some common strategies include regular air filter replacement, not hanging clothes outdoors where they can attract pollen, and regularly vacuuming and dusting your home.

Replace Caustic Cleaning Products

While certainly made with the best of intentions, lots of home cleaning agents are quite harmful to the air environment. Thankfully, the modern household product market includes several options that are specifically designed to not negatively impact the air quality of your home. Checking the labels on your cleaning products and replacing the especially caustic or allergenic ones is a great way to make a quick improvement to your home’s atmosphere, though some harmful cleansers might be necessary, as they are more effective at cleaning. When using such dangerous chemicals, be sure to open your windows and air your home out.

Get Rid of Old Food

Some of the biggest sources of air quality issues are foodstuffs that have gone bad. While not every edible item has an expiration date that results in air pollution, most items of produce, along with dairy and meat, will eventually turn and start to smell. Food items in the refrigerator will keep longer, and the door’s seal will keep the smell in to some extent, but any produce sitting on your counters or in your cabinets will let out spores into your home’s ecosystem. Don’t tempt fate by keeping around turning food items — throw them out.

Poor quality air in your home is a serious problem that can quickly reduce your quality of life. By using these simple tips you will be on your way to breathing easier.

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