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4 Ways to Travel With a Pet Without Any Drama

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Anyone with pets knows that it is always a painful experience to leave them when going on vacation, even if you’re only going away for the weekend. As much fun as you expect to have, you still worry about how your little fur baby is getting on, even if you leave them with someone you trust. If you’re in a position to bring them along for your next adventure, then why not do it? It will be a chance for them to experience somewhere new, and also means you can stop worrying. Before you go, though, you must make sure you make it comfortable and completely drama-free. 

Prepare Them For a Long Journey 

If your pet is used to taking short drives to the park or the V-E-T, you’ll need to get them familiar with longer journeys. Once you decide where you want to go, take them on short car rides to get them more comfortable with being in the vehicle. The closer you get to your leaving day, the more you should increase the journey’s length. This will ensure they are comfortable and prevents them from getting stressed and anxious along the way.

Keep Them Comfortable 

For lengthy journeys, you want to ensure your pet is comfortable from beginning to end. If they usually sleep in a crate, bring that along and make sure you secure it in place so it doesn’t shift and move while driving. If they don’t use a crate, bring their bed or fill the back with plenty of cozy cushions and blankets. You should also make sure the car is neither too hot nor too cold so they can enjoy the journey and not suffer from being too chilly or overheating. 

Create a Travel Kit

As you’ll be going somewhere entirely new to your pet (even if you’ve been there before), you can put them at ease by creating a pet-friendly travel kit. This can include their favorite toys and blankets and enough food and water to keep them energized and hydrated. If this is the first time traveling with your pet, check out Freshpet reviews to find out what type of food is best for them so that they don’t beg for your juicy hamburger at a rest stop. 

Do Not Leave Them Alone

Surely, you’ll not want to leave your pet alone at any point, but sometimes, you feel like running into the convenience store or asking someone for directions doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, this can stress your pet out, and they might act out, which is never good news for your car. If you need to get out of the car, bring them with you, even if it will only take a few minutes, as this will make sure they do not panic once you go out of sight. 

An Adventure For The Both Of You 

Traveling with your pet can be stressful, but it will also stop you worrying every day while you are away from them. Your pet will love to spend this time with you, so it’s only fair that you do all you can to make their experience the best of their life.

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