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Sleep Better. Do Better.


It’s hard to believe that almost four months ago, I gave birth to baby Akilah. In those four months, I can honestly say for sure that I’ve gotten a good night’s rest. I may have pulled a few all-nighters, not due to newborn struggles, she’s such a low maintenance baby. But during the late night is when I actually have some peace and quiet to work. The time spent in my bed, though, has been heavenly whether it has been in eight or three hour intervals. It’s a haven that makes me feel welcomed and I never want to leave.

Since adequate sleep plays such an integral role in being able to adult as a highly sensitive person, I cherish sleep and take my slumber quarters seriously. Before moving to our current residence, our bedroom was just a room with a bed and two dressers. Every other room got attention and the boys ended up having the best room in the house.


So when we moved, I revamped the bedroom. Now if you know me, you know that I’m a boho kinda gal. I stay away from traditional and elegant. I decorate around the things we already have. My overall goal with kids in the house is to have fun. I can spend tons of money on expensive furniture that my kids are going to crash or stick with curbside finds and display models. But one thing that I’ve learned is that while pinching pennies elsewhere, you cannot skimp on a mattress. As your body gets older, it develops different needs. Investing in a good quality mattress is investing in your health.

The folks at 4Sleep sent us one of their memory foam mattresses and it arrived in time for my postpartum recovery. It came in a box like so.


Greg handled the setup. The mattress was tightly sealed in plastic and came with a nifty little blade to cut it open. After opening the plastic, he rolled the mattress out onto the floor to decompress for several hours. The instructions say to wait a full day before sleeping on it, but I couldn’t wait that long. I jumped the gun and it was glorious. We placed the mattress on the bed and Juicy proceeded to break it in. See that lil’ toddler foot disappearing into the comfort of the mattress?




What makes the 4Sleep mattress great? Besides the fact that it has the prettiest and washable cover I’ve ever seen, it’s doggone comfortable. I’ve had back problems since my early teens. I have scoliosis. I’m getting old(er). And sometimes things just ache. Not with this mattress. The 4Sleep mattress is designed with four layers of foam made to contour to the body relieving all pressure points. While 4Sleep is very dense and firm, it manages to support and hug all of the right places ever so gently.


The 4Sleep mattress absorbs energy to isolate your movements on your side of the bed, so if your spouse or children sleep wildly like mine, you’ll appreciate not being disturbed, unless of course someone plants their butt in your face or gives you a swift kick in the ribs. The 4Sleep also does a great job at regulating temperature. You’re cold. Your sleeping partner is hot. Or maybe your own upper body is hot, your feet are cold. The 4Sleep’s gel layer absorbs or releases heat wherever and whenever your body needs it to keep you within that optimal skin temperature range of 87° to 90°F.

Intermission: “I’m getting the vibe that you have this bed all to yourself. Where does your husband sleep?”

We sleep separately because we’re both particular about sleeping and simply put, we annoy each other. I pull all-nighters. He tosses and snores. Oh, and we have a baby who nurses through the night. Sooo… #carryon


This mattress is phenomenal and since I plan on keeping it for several years to come, I’ve gone OCD and covered it with not one but, TWO waterproof mattress protectors. With three kids, you just never know. They’ve all been known to make some interesting messes.


After sleeping on the 4Sleep mattress, I feel like I’ve been missing out. I no longer get as excited over hotel beds because I have one in my very own home. I just have to work on the pillow situation. I think I’ll treat myself to a new duvet as well. Oh, we gettin’ fancy.


You can try 4Sleep for 100 days risk-free. If it doesn’t take you to dreamland, send it back and 4Sleep will issue you a full refund.

Get 4Sleep in your life.

Special thanks to 4Sleep for restful nights and for sponsoring this post. Thank you, readers,  for supporting our site partners by reading and sharing our posts!

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