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5 Areas To Check With Your Home Maintenance Routine

Image by Steve Buissinne

A home maintenance routine is recommended to make sure everything in your house is working properly. See it as a list of everything you need to check and look after, as well as when you need to check them. As simple as that sounds, it’s always easy to overlook a few areas when you’re putting this together.

That can be risky. You’ll end up forgetting about certain areas, and the neglect might lead to you needing to get repairs done in time. That’s something you’ll always want to avoid. It’s part of the reason why you’ll have a home maintenance routine. Some areas are more important than others, so you’ll need to make sure you check them out.

  1. Roof – You mightn’t pay too much attention to your roof, as you usually aren’t looking at it too much. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth examining occasionally, though. See if any of the slates are loose or damaged. If you don’t, you risk them coming down and hurting someone. Give it a check every few months or after any hard weather.
  2. Septic Tank – Your septic tank is one of the easier parts of your home to overlook, even if you’re already looking after the plumbing. It’s a vital part of your house and is worth checking out every few months, however. Even a quick check could be more than enough to make sure it’s working properly.
  3. Chimney – If you look after your chimney, it’s likely you would’ve focused on where the fire would be. That’s far from the only area to focus on with your home maintenance routine, though. You’ll need to check the entire chimney for any damage or blockages. These could cause a lot of harm to your house if they’re not found and properly dealt with.
  4. Foundation – Your home rests on its foundation, and it’s often one of the more important areas to focus on. Since you wouldn’t see much of the foundation, you could overlook it quite easily. Avoid that, as it could pose a significant danger to your house. It could even come down if the foundation isn’t properly looked after.
  5. Windows – You might’ve already known you need to check the windows every once in a while. Cracks and holes in the glass can often pop up, and you’ll inevitably check for these. They’re far from the only things you’ll need to worry about. You should also check around the window itself for any holes, cracks, or other repairs.

A home maintenance routine makes sure everything in your house runs properly. It avoids you needing to get extensive repairs done in the future, which can often be expensive. You’ll save money and prevent more than a few headaches by getting it out of the way early. Make sure you go through this regularly.

Don’t overlook a few areas when you’re putting together your home maintenance routine, though. With how important they can be, and how expensive the potential repairs will be, there’s no reason not to check them.

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