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5 Cool Ideas To Transform a Small Backyard This Summer

Are you pulling your hair out trying to find the best way to turn that small backyard into something worth waking up to every day? Or are you tired of staring at the same lifeless piece of space behind your house? Well, the good news is, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in landscape art to make the necessary changes. If designed the right way, you make even the tiniest space in your backyard look more spacious and more appealing. So, in this post, we will go through five simple but cool ideas to transform your backyard this summer.

1. Plan 

This has been a problem for most people. But reorganizing small spaces requires more planning. Ask yourself important questions such as, what the primary purpose of your backyard will be. Are you looking for a comfy place to snuggle during the summer or a cozy place to host friends and loved ones? Planning will also help you decide how much in terms of budget to put into the project.

2. Pick The Right Plants

Earth-friendly, indigenous plants are ideal for small yard gardens. Aside from the fact that they give you the assurance that there is always something growing in the year all year round, they also add a touch of luster to your small space. There are several options to choose from the Dwarf Bottlebrush to the Coastal Rosemary. You can also make sure that your backyard complements your patio beautifully with some must-have plants worth checking out.

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3. Get Creative

Allow your creative juices to flow. Yes, you have them. Think outside the box on the best way to maximize small space to have the biggest effect. Terraced landscaping, for example, is a great idea when it comes to small spaces. This is because it helps to make your backyard look bigger by making very good use of the lack of space. You can also use a framework of wooden bars to support creepers such as the grape plant.

4. ‘Upgrade’ Your Fence

If your backyard is fenced, then you can make it look extra appealing by decorating it. Decorations can be in the form of repainting or hanging some decorative items on it. To make your backyard seem more spacious than it is, always paint your fences with white color. A white background also serves as the best surface for decorative items. Plus, white will also create an absolutely beautiful contrast with the green plants. You can fix your trellis to your fence and watch the creepers gracefully adorn the white background.

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5. Add A Small Green Space

This might sound too simple, but it actually adds a very strong touch to small spaces. A small green space such as a miniature-lawn will complement your fence and plants in a naturally beautiful way. There are several types of grass that work perfectly when used as lawns such as zoysia grass sod. Zoysia grass sod installation, however, may require some level of professional or experienced hands if you haven’t used it before.

If you’re going to be able to get pass the challenge that the lack of space presents when it comes to decorating a small backyard, you will need the right ideas and hacks. Hopefully, these five ideas will come very handy.

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