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5 Dog Breeds That Are More Loving Than You Think

Certain dog breeds get a bad rap. They are typically viewed as aggressive and unpredictable. However, this is often not the case – such breeds can make loving companions and may even be a great family pet. This post delves into five examples of such breeds.


Dobermans were initially bred as guard dogs, so it’s understandable to see why they’ve developed a reputation for being a bit scary. In reality, they are very people-oriented dogs who often behave very affectionately to their owners – many dobermans cuddle when they need comfort and they can be very gentle around kids despite being very playful dogs. A doberman’s ardent loyalty can cause them to be defensive of their owners, which may cause them to bark and growl at any strangers coming to the door. However, dobermans are also very obedient and with good training will stop barking if commanded to.


Rottweilers have a similar reputation to dobermans for being mean dogs. A rottweiler was even used to represent the devil in The Omen, which did not help their image. The truth about these dogs is that they can be very loving and friendly family pets. They are eager to please and are fairly docile around those they love and trust. They are a bit more aloof than dobermans – they will not automatically bark at strangers or other dogs, but similarly may stand back and take time to decide if a person is a friend or a foe. If they do behave aggressively, it is usually because they are defending their owner. 


Pit bulls actually make up a group of dog breeds including American pit bull terriers, American bullies and staffordshire bull terriers. In the last few decades, they have earnt a negative reputation for biting strangers. Some people view them as the most dangerous of all dog breeds. However, they are arguably the most misunderstood. Pit bulls are more likely to behave aggressively to other dogs than people due to their history as a dog-fighting breed. They are typically very friendly and affectionate to people – even strangers. They are also great around kids. Aggressive behaviour is generally down to poor training or neglect.

German Shepherds

German shepherds have a long history of being used as police dogs. Along with their size and playful attitude, this can make them quite intimidating dogs. However, with good training they are typically harmless. German Shepherds are loyal and loving to their owners and although they may bark when strangers come to the door, they tend to be quite standoffish and will quickly become affectionate if they sense you’re a friend. German Shepherds need to be socialised properly from when they are young – if not, they may be less tolerant of other dogs and strangers.

Great Danes

Great Danes are the largest dog breed and their size can intimidate some people. However, they are gentle giants that are very affectionate and loving. While they can be standoffish with strangers, they aren’t instinctually defensive as other breeds. They also tend to get on well with other dogs. These dogs can sometimes be unaware of their own size, so you should monitor them when playing with smaller dogs or small kids.

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