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5 Hacks & Tips For A Beautiful Smile


No beauty regime is complete without paying a little attention to your smile. From your lips to your teeth, be sure to keep up the TLC with these five hacks and tips:

1 . Coconut oil lip care

It’s pretty likely that you’ve heard the hype about coconut oil, not just handy when you’re cooking up a storm, coconut oil is a real saviour for when it comes to our hair and skincare too. Our lips are particularly prone to drying out, especially during cold weather or if we are dehydrated or stressed. For a beautiful smile, dry lips just won’t do, but thankfully applying a small dab of coconut oil every day can nourish and heal the skin. Coconut oil leaves your lips looking glossy and smelling great too.

  1. Essential oil rescue

Coconut oil isn’t our only saviour when it comes to lip-rescue. There are many essential oils that you can add into the mix too. Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s a fab one to add with your coconut oil to soothe sore lips. Jasmine oil is another great go-to for chapped lips, while olive oil is another excellent natural moisturizer. You can also use jojoba oil as a carrier oil if you don’t fancy coconut. A carrier oil is a must when applying essential oils to the skin, (as some may be potent to apply alone).

3 . The perfect lipstick

Every girl needs her perfect lipstick, the one that you re-buy as soon as it’s run out because it just suits you best — your comfortable go-too, whether it’s a normal work-day or a night out. If you haven’t found your shade yet, you’ve gotta try out plenty of different shades. Treating yourself to a one-off professional make-up job can be helpful, as you can get advice on the right shades for you. Eco Bella is a great natural lipstick brand which focuses on using nutraceuticals to make their products. Nutraceuticals are defined as natural anti-aging ingredients that are found in fruits and vegetables. For instance, Eco Bella like to use lycopene from tomatoes and beta carotene from carrots to make their products.

  1. Floss it out 

Beautiful smiles mean taking super good care of your teeth, so don’t skip on the flossing when it comes to your regime. Flossing helps to remove plaque and a build-up of bacteria that’s associated with gum disease. Brands like Dental Lace offer some recyclable and refillable floss options in super-cute and colourful bottles. (These are way more stylish to carry around with you can your typical floss containers). Get yourself a top electric toothbrush and give those pearly whites some love!

  1. Don’t ditch on the dentist

Last but not least, be sure to visit your dentist regularly for your check-ups. Many of us skip our dentist visits until we sense a physical problem, yet this is a bad idea. Your dentist can spot underlying issues and help you to correct them before they get worse. Those who are bothered by stained, crooked or chipped teeth could consider discussing veneers with their dentist. With this procedure here, you can get rid of your insecurities and give yourself the confidence boost that you deserve.

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