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5 Minimalist Engagement Ring Trends She’ll Love

Photo by Gift Habeshaw

For many people, getting engaged is one of the biggest milestones in their lifetime. The decision to spend the rest of your life with another person is one that takes a lot of love, trust, and of course, commitment. Though you may already have the perfect proposal planned out to pop the question to your significant other, you may be struggling to choose an engagement ring. From educating yourself on the 4 C’s, figuring out your budget, and finding a ring that reflects your sense of style, selecting an engagement ring can feel like a tall order. If you’re shopping for someone with more of a minimalist aesthetic, keep reading for minimalist engagement rings she’s sure to love. After all, they’ll wear it for the rest of your marital lives.

Moissanite Rings 

One stone that is in trend right now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere is Moissanite. Though Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, it’s incredibly rare, so most Moissanite rings for sale are lab-created stones. Moissanite is virtually indistinguishable from traditional white diamonds, though some varieties have a bit more fire and sparkle than white diamonds. Another perk of selecting Moissanite engagement rings is their price tags. Moissanite is substantially more affordable than Earth-mined diamonds, so if you’re working with a minimal budget, this is a great route.

Eternity Bands 

Though many couples celebrate significant milestones in their marriage and anniversaries with an eternity band, they can also serve as a beautiful and minimalist engagement ring. You can opt for a band with diamonds around the entire ring or a band with just a few stones. Eternity bands come in virtually every color, so whether your fiance-to-be prefers white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum, it’s easy to find an eternity band they’ll love. The great thing about eternity bands is they can work as your wedding band as well, making the need to purchase another band for your nuptials obsolete. 

No Ring Trend

Many couples forego the engagement ring altogether, and it’s not always due to fiscal constraints. While engagement rings are a beautiful, physical symbol of a commitment to one another, not every couple feels the need for one. Add to that; engagement rings can sometimes snag clothing, loose stones, or feel bulky on your finger; many women decide not to wear an engagement ring at all. If this sounds like your partner, gifting them a beautiful necklace or bracelet when you pop the question is just as meaningful and is a piece they’ll wear daily too. 

Tattoo Rings 

While the thought of a tattooed engagement or wedding ring may seem extreme to some people, for others, it’s a cost-effective and fun way to put a permanent mark on your commitment to one another. Some couples opt to tattoo an actual ring around the finger, while others get their partner’s initials tattooed on their ring finger. While it may seem like something you’d never do, tattoos are en vogue, and so is the tattoo ring trend. From celebrities to soccer moms, you’d be surprised at who goes with this fun option!

Estate Jewelry 

Let’s face it; everything is bigger these days! It’s not just our dinner portion sizes but our engagement rings too! With the average cost of engagement rings last year around $7000 and the average carat size of engagement rings approaching 1.5 carats, things are getting expensive and big! If you’re searching for a minimalist engagement ring, a great option is to go with antique or estate jewelry. Not only is there likely a romantic story linked to the ring you’ll select, but engagement rings of years past are also much more petite than their modern counterparts. You can peruse local antique stores, estate sales, and pawn shops. If nothing strikes your fancy, there are plenty of estate jewelry stores online. 

Shopping for engagement rings should be fun, especially as a minimalist! You won’t be bound by the feeling of more is more because you know that less is not only more but more meaningful. Choosing to spend the rest of your life with your partner should be the focus, not how big the stone is or how much you spend. Let the above-mentioned minimalist engagement ring styles be your starting point for the type of ring you and your partner will cherish for years to come. Congrats!

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