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5 Most Common Safety Jackets

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Whether your goal is to spend the weekend fishing or out on kayaking with your family, you need to follow the proper safety precautions. There are no water-based activities that you should partake in without properly planning for your own safety. In order to stay safe and secure while out on the water, you need to consider adding a safety jacket, or life vest, to your outfit. A properly fitted safety jacket can be the difference between a nice day on the water and a potentially dangerous accident. Today, we are going to talk about five of the most common safety jackets available in the marketplace. We are also going to discuss the advantages that these jackets will be providing you.

Common Safety Jackets & Their Benefits

Safety jackets are an important part of your outdoor experience. Whether you are fishing with friends or taking a canoe down the river, you are going to need to be proactive about your safety. Safety jackets are also known as life vests, personal flotation devices, and life jackets. Safety jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles. Obviously, there are many options available to you when it comes to buying your safety jacket. Before you pull out your credit card, take a moment to read the following information. Listed below, you’ll find five of the most common safety jackets available for sale. Whether you want to buy one of these jackets or you opt to turn toward the high-quality BrandMe Products available, the choice is yours. First, however, you need to be informed!

1) Type I – This is the most common type of safety jacket available for purchase. The Type I safety jacket is a lightweight safety utility that is ideal for a number of different conditions. Minimum buoyancy for these jackets resides at 11lbs for children and 22lbs for adults. These jackets are ideal for rough, open, or remote water. The benefit of this jacket is that it will retain heat while keeping you above the water, thus making it an ideal emergency jacket. This is definitely not the kind of jacket that you want to wear for prolonged periods of time unless it is due to an emergency. Still, the Type I safety jacket can be a life-saving device in the right circumstances.

2) Type II – This jacket looks similar to the Type I offerings listed above, but there are significant differences. Type II safety vests are ideal for boating in calmer water or while out fishing and sailing. These jackets are lighter weight than the other options on our list. Unfortunately, the Type II safety jacket is considerably less buoyant than Type I alternatives. Keep these jackets on hand while performing most common tasks in and around water. This jacket is easier to wear for longer periods of time than the other options on our list, but the protections that it offers are far less significant.

3) Type III – This is a specialized safety jacket that is ideal for active situations. You’ll commonly find that Type III safety jackets are used for skiing, fishing, sailing, and canoeing. These safety jackets are great for when you are close to shore or are expecting a quick retrieval from a safety officer. This is one of the most comfortable types of safety vests that you can purchase. Unfortunately, Type III safety jackets are not great for extended periods of activity in rougher waters. Additionally, Type III safety jackets are not ideal for emergency rescue purposes. These jackets are considered ideal for supervised activities, primarily.

4) Type IV – This safety jacket is extremely specialized but no less important than the other options on our list. The Type IV throwable safety jacket is meant to be used as a rescue device. This jacket is ideal for tossing to someone who has gone overboard. You’ll need to have one of these jackets on your water-faring vessel at all times in order to account for emergency situations. These jackets can be tossed to a person who is at risk of drowning. However, these jackets are not ideal for individuals who are unconscious.

5) Hybrid Jacket – The final common safety jacket that you will come across is the hybrid safety jacket. Also known as the Type V safety jacket, this specialty jacket is used in life-saving situations. Restricted for specialty use, this special jacket features a pull-tab that allows for automated inflation. The minimum buoyancy of this jacket will change depending on the specific sub-style chosen by the wearer. However, typically, adult sizes will range from 15.5lbs to 22lbs. This jacket is hard to purchase on its own and will require some digging around in order to find.

As you can see, there are a variety of different safety jackets that you will come across while shopping. Safety jackets are designed in order to accommodate your specific needs while providing safe utility to yourself and those around you. When it comes to picking the right safety jacket for your specific needs, you can use the outline above in order to help guide your search. Additionally, there are a few other factors that you will want to pay attention to while shopping for a safety jacket.

Other key factors that will play a role in your purchase are based around your physical makeup and your targeted activities. Adults need to shop for adult-sized safety jackets while children need to be outfitted with smaller jackets. Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to the color and reflective nature of your jacket. If you are stuck in the water at night, you’ll want a safety jacket that reflects light in order to help with any rescue attempts. You’ll also want to pay attention to automatic inflation versus manual inflation.

Buying a safety jacket can be a life or death decision. When it comes to spending time on the water, you’d be better served by being careful. Use our tips to find the perfect safety jacket for your next weekend adventure!

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