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5 Must Haves for Your Baby’s Nursery

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

When you have a baby on the way, one step you might take to prepare for his or her arrival is prepare the nursery and make it as comforting, beautiful, serene, and safe as possible. However, many soon-to-be parents often struggle with what exactly a nursery needs. It’s not a kids’ bedroom; that’s a whole other question. Babies have specific needs that parents should know about when setting up their nursery. 

I’ve put together a list of 5 things every nursery needs. Read through to find out what your baby should have in their nursery!

Safety features

Every parent’s top priority should be their baby’s safety. Did you know that a majority of accidents occur in the home? It’s true, and your baby is not immune. Keeping your baby away from high ledges, sharp objects, harmful substances, and other sources of danger is just an everyday part of parenting. Here are a few of the safety features you should consider for your baby’s nursery:

  • A baby monitor that allows you to listen to the baby throughout the day and night whenever you’re not in the nursery.
  • Baby gates at the doorway to keep the baby from crawling out of the room and into danger.
  • Electrical socket covers that keep the baby from putting their fingers or metal objects into the plug.
  • Furniture with rounded corners to keep the baby from cutting themselves on sharp edges.

Once you’re sure the room provides a safe haven for the baby, it’s time to consider the rest of the nursery. 

Welcoming décor

Baby’s learn a lot about the world from their first interactions with it. If they see that the world is a happy and welcoming place, they are more likely to grow into happy and welcoming people. That means that making your baby’s little oasis – the nursery – the perfect place to learn and grow is key. Here are a few must-haves:

  • A light and soft color for the walls, like baby blue, light pink, or a soft yellow.
  • Personalized gifts for delivery like photos of family and friends to put on the walls
  • Cute stuffed animals to hug and snuggle when they need a friend
  • Enriching toys like letter blocks and baby-friendly puzzle games so their developing mind can flourish

Remember that your baby will spend the majority of his or her time in the nursery at first, so it should be a space they genuinely want to spend time in. 

The comfiest crib

During the first few months, your baby’s crib will be their little world. Of course, you’ll bring them around places, but at the end of the day, the crib is where they rest and settle down and process everything their small mind is learning. Finding a comfy and safe crib is essential to a baby’s development. Here are a few features to watch out for on your hunt:

  • A plush and supportive mattress that will allow the baby’s growing bones to rest comfortably through the night
  • A crib with high walls on the sides to prevent the baby from falling or climbing out of the crib
  • An interesting mobile that hangs down over the crib to provide the baby with visual stimulation

Think, if you were a baby, what would you want out of your crib? 

A rocking chair

There are few things more important in a baby’s development than spending time being held by mama as she lulls them to sleep, sings them a song, feeds them, or reads them a story. A baby’s rocking chair is a special and important part of the nursery, where both you and the baby will spend a lot of time.

Be sure that the rocking chair is comfortable for you to sit in for longer periods of time. It’s also a good idea to shop for rockers that don’t move to quickly or erratically; a smooth glider is often preferable and will help lull your baby into a peaceful slumber. 

The perfect changing table

Last but certainly not least, your baby needs a changing table. It’s just a fact of life: babies soil their diapers. You’ll want a wide enough table that you can clean your baby and change their diaper without making a mess. Other than that, there’s not too much else to look out for.

Congratulations on the new baby, and good luck finding the perfect items for the nursery!

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