5 Must-Haves If You Have A Backyard Garden With Swimming Pool

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Having limited space pushes homeowners to deal with merging different functions into one place. A perfect example of this would be a backyard garden with a pool. Although they share the same grounds, it would take almost the whole day to ensure both are well-maintained.

Whether in-ground or above-ground, pools are already difficult to clean. The task could be trickier, with adjacent plants and their potential mess adding to the picture. Thankfully, there are available tools that could lessen the cleaning time and enhance the poolside landscape.

Pool Fence

If you have little children or pets, safety is the first thing to consider before installing a pool in your backyard. Have the pool fences ready, or opt for an above-ground pool with a secured gate. 

Some of these fences have alarms ready to set off as soon as a breach happens. They also come in different materials, with mesh material being the cheapest. Make sure to purchase something that has a lock system at the least for decent security in place.

Complete Garden Tools

Working on the backyard fusion will be more productive and effortless with complete gardening tools. On top of all these are the pruners that control the growth of shrubs, twigs, and runners. Clearing tools also help make sure invasive grass won’t ruin the landscape.

A garden rake and a leaf lake collect leaves faster and with less struggle. Having some of the usual garden debris like small branches and leaves falling off on the pool is normal. Apart from plates, toys and water bottles might end up swimming on the poll as well. For all these floating clutters at the surface, you can scoop them out of the pool with a skimmer.

Poolside Pots

These big containers can make the setting look fancy. Poolside pots are ideal vessels as they prevent dirt from getting into the pool. Some of them have excellent draining systems making the plants easy to care for, grow, and control. 

Not all plants would appreciate the poolside setting. Research for a list of shrubs or succulents that you can grow in poolside container pots, and make sure that they sit at a safe distance, so they won’t get splashed with water more often than their watering requirements.

Landscape Lights

A pool won’t serve its purpose of adding appeal and value to the property without the correct use of landscape lights. Below are the most recommended picks:

  • Lanterns
  • Path lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Spot lighting

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dirt build-up on the walls and flooring of the pool could destroy its overall appearance. Moreover, a neglected backyard pool could cause accidents as they grow more slippery without regular cleaning. However, cleaning the entire pool could take a day, leaving you no room to do other chores.

If the pool boy isn’t available to take care of its maintenance, you could end up having a pond full of algae and foreign objects. To prevent this from happening, invest in robotic pool cleaners. These safe-to-use and energy-efficient machines will scrub the swimming pool’s walls, floors and tile lines. They can also clean small and large debris, making them the ultimate lifesavers of households that combined their gardens and pools.               


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