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5 of the Best Bed Designs for Kids

What to consider when buying a kids bed

Your first child is on the way, and you are looking for the best bed design? Fortunately, charming and practical beds aren’t earth-shatteringly expensive anymore. You can find a good quality bed within your budget if you know what you are looking for. In this blog post, we will share the 5 best bed designs for kids to help you find a cosy sleeping place for your child. So without further delay, let’s get started. 

Best Bed Design for Kids 

Kids spend a lot of time tucked in their beds. So it makes sense to buy a bed that’s durable and charming. For new parents shopping for a bed might be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick one. Therefore, our list of best bed designs will help you find the perfect bed. 

TreeHouse Bed

A treehouse bed is an excellent option for adventurous kids. It’s easy to put together a treehouse bed, plus it’s reassuringly sturdy. You can rest easy while your kids run their imagination wild. A treehouse bed is more than just a sleeping space. 

It’s a bed that lets your kids have fun and play different games. Plus, you can also buy a treehouse bunk bed. It saves space and creates more room for storage. The alleviated design is best for active and adventurous kids. 

Triple Bunk Bed

Have three kids and minimal bedroom space? How about a tripled bed bunk design? Triple bunk beds are stacked on each other, and the top bunk gets the best view. These beds are sturdy, and some have a single frame design. You can choose between wood and steel. Both options are sturdy, but wood is more beautiful. If you want to add aesthetics to your kid’s bedroom, a wooden triple bunk bed is your best choice. 

Sleeper With Pull Out Desk

A bed that serves as a desk is something every kid wants growing up. As a parent, you need to optimize room space and give your kids all the necessities. A sleeper with a pull-out desk is the best choice for kids of all ages. You’ll save the extra space of a desk and drawers with this bed. Plus, your kids will love how comfortable and cosy this design is. It’s like living in a castle. 

Disney Bed Style

If your child is fond of a Disney cartoon character, you can have it printed on the bed. Moreover, you can design a lightning Mcqueen bed with tyres and headlights. It’s up to you how creative you want your bed design to be. 

Your child will feel safe in a Disney style bed of their favourite cartoon character. Plus, you won’t have to buy a new one for a while because these beds are unique and pretty durable. 

Kid’s Bed With Tent

Kid’s bed with tent are inspired by camping tents. This bed is unique and charming. If your child is fond of outdoor adventures, you can get this bed to fuel their imagination. To give the ultimate outdoor experience, have grass tiles in the room. This will give the feeler of sleeping in a camp. Plus, you can order starry lights that would illuminate the roof, adding more thrill and enhancing the outdoor experience. 

Wrapping Up

What to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Bed?

Get the right bed that encourages your child to sleep early. Find a bed they love if you don’t want to cause havoc every time you put your children to sleep. Here is what to consider when buying a bed for your kids. 

Well Constructed Frame

Always check the frame of the bed you are buying. Whether it’s for your kids or yourself, a strong frame can go a long way. You can do this by trying to wobble the bed from one side. If the entire bed moves at once, it means the foundations and the frame are tied together. If the bed wobbles, it means that it’s not as durable as it seems. 


This one is pretty obvious but not from our perspective. When parent’s buy a bed, they assume it’ll last more than 10 years. However, most children will demand a new bed when they turn 6 or 7. So buy a bed you can easily sell and replace in a couple of years. 

Storage Space

A bed with a closet or drawers is a good option to save room space. You can go for a bed with a pull-out desk as well. The main objective of buying a bed for your kid is to set up a sleeping space while keeping the room spacious. 

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