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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Apartment Instead of a House

When people look for somewhere new to live, many folks will automatically look for houses. That’s because they feel a house will offer more space and better value for money than an apartment. But, what if moving to an apartment turned out to be a much better bet for you?

Are you “on the fence” about whether to live in a house versus an apartment? Take a look at the following reasons why you shouldn’t discount an apartment for your future abode, whether you’re planning to live alone, with a partner, or a family in tow:

1. Some Apartments Have More Space Than Houses

Some people wrongly assume that apartments are tiny and don’t offer much room for people to live inside them. The truth is, some apartments are actually much larger than average family houses!

If you’ve got a family in tow, you can potentially consider three or four-bedroom apartments, especially if you want to live in an inner-city location.

2. Breathtaking Aerial Views

When you live in an upper-level apartment, one advantage of doing so is you’ll enjoy breathtaking aerial views of your neighborhood. As you can imagine, that’s a good thing if you live in a picturesque location and enjoy surveying the land around you.

On a side note, living in an upper-level apartment also means you can enjoy significantly more privacy than if you lived in a house at ground level.

3. Lower Living Costs

It’s a well-known fact that living in an apartment will cost you less in living expenses than living in a house. That’s also the case if you live alone and decide to move to a studio apartment, as you’ll end up with lower electricity, heating, and lighting costs than a house.

Another way you’ll enjoy lower living costs in an apartment is due to transport. A city-center apartment will cost you less in public transport fees than if you had to drive into the city in a car each day.

4. Guaranteed Secure Parking

Many apartment buildings offer residents and their visitors access to guaranteed secure parking spots. As you can imagine, that’s highly beneficial if you worry about accidental damage or theft to your car if you had to park on the street.

Most secure parking areas in apartment blocks use access control systems like keycard or PIN entry. Some may even have security guards overseeing who goes in and out of apartment complex parking garages.

5. You Want to Live Somewhere Cozy

One final reason to keep in mind is if you want to have a small living space. A house typically has quite a large expanse of space indoors, and if you live by yourself, it can feel very lonely at the best of times.

The great thing about apartments is you have a vast choice of sizes to suit your needs. So, if you wanted somewhere “cozy” to live, you could opt for a studio apartment. Also, fewer rooms mean it’s quicker and easier to clean an apartment than a house!

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