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5 Temp Jobs That Can Allow You To Travel

Want to see different parts of the world while maintaining an income? Temping is one way to do this. By taking on different temporary work roles in different locations, you can experience living in different places for a few weeks to a few months at a time while earning money. You can apply for such roles through temp agencies. Some temp jobs may even offer free accommodation and other perks. This post lists some of the best temp jobs to enable you to travel.

Seasonal resort staff member

There are many jobs at seasonal resorts that you can take up including bartending, hotel staff, travel rep jobs and ski/surf instructors. Some people work at a beach resort from May to October and then work at a ski resort from November to April. This can be a great opportunity to explore different vacation destinations, which you can enjoy on your days off. When working at a resort, you’ll usually be provided with accommodation. You can find vacancies through online travel job boards.

Summer camp counselor

Working at a summer camp is another temp job option to consider during the summer months. There are many summer camps across the US to choose from. As a counselor, you’ll have to look after the kids day and night and organize activities. Doing a sport or some kind of active hobby can help your application to get chosen. Summer camp counselors are typically given free accommodation. You can apply for roles in advance through summer campsites.

Temporary construction worker

Many construction companies take on temporary workers for projects. This includes all kinds of specific roles from electricians to pipe layers, as well as more general laborer roles. By taking on different roles in different locations, you can experience living in different parts of the world. You’ll need some experience already working in a trade to apply for temp work. Accommodation is typically not provided for this type of work. There are specialist job boards where you can find temporary construction worker vacancies.

Travel nurse

Travel nurses take on temporary nursing work at hospitals and clinics. If you are a registered nurse and you are eager to travel to new places, you could consider signing up for this work. You’ll find vacancies for travel nurses in multiple specialities online. Some travel nurse agencies can provide free accommodation, plus you’ll usually receive generous pay. Just be wary that you’ll be covering staff shortages and so you’ll need to adapt quickly to each new work environment. 

Substitute teacher

If you’ve got teacher certification, you could also consider traveling by taking up temporary work as a substitute teacher at schools in various locations. There are substitute teacher agencies that you can apply for positions through. These can be roles lasting days or weeks. You’ll need to find your own accommodation when working as a substitute teacher. It’s possible to take up substitute teaching jobs abroad as teaching qualifications are often transferable, but you may want to stick to English-speaking countries.

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