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5 Things To Consider When Getting A Dog

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Dogs bring joy to the world. Every dog has its own unique personality, and when you bring one into your family, they can really make a huge positive impact on your lives. Dogs require some looking after though, and it is important that you take everything into consideration before you get them. 

Here are some things that you may wish to consider before bringing a four-legged friend into your lives. 

You Will Need To Train Your Dog

Setting expectations of your new pet is vital. Without the appropriate training, your dog may attempt to eat the food of your plate, or will not come back when you call them. When it comes to training your dog, you should use positive reinforcement as this is the kindest method. You can do this through the use of rewards such as treats. When your dog performs an action that you have requested them to do, they get a reward. If they don’t do what you ask, they get no treats. 

Find the Best Dog Trainer in your area and enroll your dog in a behavior class. This will allow them to develop in a structured manner. 

Walking Your Dog

Your dog will need walking every day. The amount that they will need will depend on their breed. Some dogs are very energetic and may require a long, high-energy walk with lots of stimulation. Other dogs may just need a short, gentle stroll. 

If you are walking in a public place, you should keep your dog on a lead. There may be places that you can let your dog run around off a lead, however, you should only do this if your dog has excellent recall training, has been neutered or spayed, and is confident and not aggressive around other dogs and people. 

Feeding Your Dog

Your dog is much like you, they require a healthy balanced diet full of the right nutrients. Giving your dog the right dog food is important. Find a brand that uses natural ingredients. Avoid giving your dog your own food as much as possible. Firstly, dogs can often develop behavior issues around your food which will make them unmanageable whenever you are eating, and secondly, human food is often quite bad for dogs. This is particularly true of foods with high fat or salt content. You should also be aware that some human foods can be poisonous to your dog. For example, chocolate and grapes can be very dangerous to a dog.

Socializing Your Dog

It is important that your dog mixes with a variety of other dogs and people. This will help them to become socialized. By doing this, they will become confident around people and other animals and won’t show any signs of protective behaviors around them, such as aggression. 

Leaving Your Dog

Dogs need stimulation. They are intelligent creatures, and when left alone for long periods of time, can get bored or restless. Avoid leaving your dog on their own for long periods. If you do need to leave them, be sure and get lots of puzzle toys that can help stimulate them.

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