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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Culture of Colorado

In August of 1876, Colorado entered the Union. For you history buffs who caught the connection, that was exactly 100 years after the United States issued the Declaration of Independence. This is why Colorado is known as the Centennial State. 

Fitting in as the Northeast corner of the infamous “Four Corners“, Colorado anchors in the “Mountain States”. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about colorful Colorado, here’s your chance. Read on to learn five things you didn’t know about the culture of Colorado.    

It’s Full Of Foodies

Colorado is heaven for foodies. It makes sense, seeing as the cheeseburger first emerged in Denver! The Colorado cheeseburger was patented by drive-in owner Louis Ballast in 1935.

If you’re thirsty, you can try out one of the over 200 breweries. That’s so many, in fact, that it ranks only behind Washington and California despite ranking 20th in population amongst the 50 states.

They Reach High Heights

There’s no pun intended when you say Colorado is high. It boasts many records for reaching high heights. It has the highest paved road in North America. 

While you’re driving in high places, you can also drive over the highest suspension bridge in the country and drive through the highest auto tunnel as well. 

If you want to branch out, you can visit the world’s only high-altitude alligator colony. Or you might like to take a ride up the highest ski lift in North America.

The Environment Matters

The environment matters so much to Coloradans that they turned down the chance to host the 1976 Winter Olympics. Residents cited concern over infrastructure costs and environmental issues. 

Since 2010, Colorado’s renewable energy generation more than tripled. Conversely, coal-fired power plants provided 36% of Colorado’s energy in 2020. That’s a drop from the 68% used in 2010. You can see this solar company for renewable options available to Coloradans. 

Community Is Everything

Colorado is a blend of urban, suburban, and rural societies. The broad mixture of places, people, and events contribute to the richness of Colorado’s community. 

From the largest cities like Colorado Springs down to the scattered ranches and farms, people pull together to make Colorado a diverse and welcoming place to live. 

There’s A Wealth Of Wacky Traditions

Rounding out the end of the list, you can’t talk about Colorado without mentioning some of the wacky traditions. Visit Fruita in June for the “Mike the Headless Chicken Festival”. Swing by in October to raise awareness of sexual assault and run in the “Men in Heels” race. 

Leave Santa some edibles in December, tour life-sized gingerbread houses, and see hundreds of pounds of chocolate transform into an intricate chocolate village. 

Now You Know More About The Culture Of Colorado

As you learned more about the culture of Colorado, did anything stand out to you? Embrace the culture of community that’s alive in Colorado and share something with a friend. 

If you’re looking for something else to share with a friend, check out other cozy posts on our blog today. It’s time to thrive!

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