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5 Things You Must Teach Your New Puppy

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Bringing your new puppy home is an extremely exciting time. You will have all their new toys and essential items waiting for them at home and can relax knowing that you are prepared. If this is what you are expecting, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Being prepared to share your home is one thing, but have you thought about what this new furry family member will be like to live with? Whether you know it or not, training your puppy should begin the moment they enter your door. To help you get started, here are 5 things that you must teach your new puppy and when it should start. 

Potty Training 

It is obvious that teaching your pup how to go to the bathroom outside is important. Potty training is essential and it can be done by following three simple steps. First, you should reward your puppy when they go in the right location. If they make a mistake and you witness it, then you should interrupt them by moving them into the correct spot. Finally, you should always supervise them as much as possible. 

No Biting

Dogs use their mouths like we use our hands. This is great for them, but it isn’t so good for us when their razor-sharp teeth pinch our skin when we least expect it. If your pooch is becoming too mouthy, then it is important that you let them know. First, you should yelp ‘ouch’ and hide the part they bit for 30 seconds. If that doesn’t work, do it again, but completely separate yourself from them instead. 

Basic Obedience

Puppies have the ability to learn all of the basics that an older dog can, so you can get started right away. Teaching essential commands and basic obedience will make them easier to handle sooner rather than later. The first two behaviors that you should begin with are ‘focus’ and ‘sit.’ This will make it easier to grab their attention and will make them more of a pleasure during walks and socialization.

Walking Politely 

Once your pup has had all their shots, it will be time to start taking them out and about. You need to establish that you are walking them fast, or they’ll start dragging you out on walks. Monro Pets make great looking and well-fitted dog collars and leashes that will fit well to your pup as they grow. A good quality set will encourage good behavior, as it will be comfortable and secure during their walks. 

Sharing’s Caring

Many animals will have a natural desire to protect anything that they love or own. This can be space, friends, food and toys. Teaching your puppy how to share and deal with people or animals in their own personal space is important, as this behavior can become a big problem for an adult. You should start by taking objects away when they are enjoying them and redirecting them to something else. 

Training your puppy starts from the moment they are born. It may seem like a long process, but the results are very rewarding and you should never underestimate your pup’s ability to learn.

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